My Nutella Ice Cream Recipe

For the last few weeks, Aaron and I have been spending every Tuesday and Thursday evening watching episodes from previous seasons of Supernatural, getting ready for the series premier October 3. Yes, we’re dorks.

But with this show comes some fun extras. Each time we eat or drink something from the show. One of the main characters, Dean, eats insane food on the show, which is to say he eats all the foods we want to eat on a daily basis but don’t. Whether its apple pie, beer, hamburgers or Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, he eats it all and yet he maintains quite the physique. That has to be the least realistic part of this show about ghosts and demons.

So partly for that and secondly because Rebecca, who was joining on last night’s festivities, loves ice cream, I decided Thursday night would be the night we do ice cream. With no recipe in mind, I headed to Safeway to get the essentials you need for ice cream, cream, eggs, vanilla and sugar.

I already had the vanilla and sugar so I really only needed two things if I wanted to make vanilla ice cream. But that’s too easy.

I decided I’d make Nutella ice cream, mostly because Nutella is the most delicious thing ever made. Chocolate and hazelnut, it’s the only combination that can challenge chocolate and peanut butter. Wanna make it? Here’s how you do it. Continue reading