An Alleged Thong Fetish

I’m just not sure what to think about this.  I mean… did we really need to know that the guy has an “alledged” thong fetish?

If that is what helped solve the case, well great.  But how necessary was it to make that a feature of the story snippit?

To me this is just another example of how the media has lost it.

I don’t really know what else to say except…

While this is, to me, a serious problem with American media outlets… It’s also hilarious.

Oh crap, she was murdered.  It’s not funny that she did, that she was kidnapped none of that.

What funny is that the guy had a thong fetish and ultimately, that’s what got him caught.

I wonder if all those people with crazy kinks like cellophane wrapping and feet sniffing are getting a good laugh at this guy.

Thong fetish? Laughable indeed.  The fact that it is merely “alleged”, we get his full name (first, middle, last) and his job profession… Just so anyone questioning if this is the same thong lover that called out to them on the beach, can be certain that it is him.

And now back to the serious.  CNN… do you really think it was you that caught this guy?  Give the police some more credit, it wasn’t just the tip line that helped.

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