Apple Releases Lion

I just started my download of the latest version of Apple‘s operating system, OS X Lion. Unlike any previous operating system from Apple, Lion (aka OS X 10.7) can be purchased only from Apple’s Mac App Store. The $29 purchase delivers a 3.74 GB download of the new operating system which will presumable automatically begin its installation once download completes.

Downloading Apple OS X Lion from the Mac App Store

I only just began my download so I am making myself my own guinea pig. I feel I should say that if you do decide to upgrade your operating system to Lion today, do a full backup of your system. Only install the new OS if you are certain all of your apps are compatible. To do this, check out Roaring App’s table of Lion compatibility.

Also, it is always best to wait at least a few weeks before joining in on a major operating system upgrade, especially if you are doing so on your workhorse machine. Let’s see what the bugs are, if your printer is supported, if it corrupts harddrives, etc. That being said, here goes! Continue reading