Welcome to LiveFyre

LiveFyre, promising to turn a blogs comments into a live stream of organic, reader created content from all walks of the Internet life. I have been a huge supporter of the people at JS-Kit and their product Echo, in fact I’ve had it running the back end of my comments for quite a while. But when I got word about LiveFyre’s new system, I had to give it a try.

For the last few months I’ve had a beta invitation waiting for me, sent from LiveFyre CEO Jordan Kretchmer. Unfortunately, work at Pure has kept me so busy that even updating my blog has become difficult. I’m going to do what I can to make these updates happen more regularly…

I finally got a few free minutes to install LiveFyre and ran into some major problems. First, it was incredibly slow, not the plugin itself but the entire site. It took a few seconds for every page to load on the back end. The front end of the blog, what you guys see, was just fine. Second, popup ads! Every time I tried to load the plugin I got a popup advertisement. Not cool. Third, it didn’t work. Simply wouldn’t import my existing comments or install into my theme which is the standard WP 3 2010 theme.

I tweeted my problems and faster than anyone could ever hope, LiveFyre was there with help. I turned control of my blog to the tech guru’s at LiveFyre, after clearing out all the orphan tables and remnants of previous plugins/themes/installs. They feared a bit of malware was hiding on my system. Nevertheless, even after wiping my database of all extraneous entries and my WordPress folder of any extra content, I still had these horrible popup ads.

True to their word, LiveFyre went in, did the install and import for me and wham, everything is perfect. They even did a sweep of my blog to check for any major issues including malware. Luckily, they found none.

I still don’t know what happened that caused all of these problems but I’m happy to say they are all resolved and I’m ready to try out LiveFyre. I’m going to use this post as a test so comment away! Link back to it from your blog, Twitter or wherever else. Let’s test out LiveFyre, put it through its paces.

I still have my Echo Live subscription but… if LiveFyre proves to be the powerful comment engine it promises to be (and it is affordable after their beta period) I’m sold. If not on the advanced features, the absolutely amazing customer service.