Firefox Color Profile Fix

Something that has been bothering me ever since I started a photo blog was how awful the color was when I used Firefox to view my images.

Want an example?

Left = Firefox. Image is washed out. Right = Safari. Image is the same as the Photoshop version.

There is an absolutely HUGE difference in those two pictures.  With the update of Firefox 3, this problem was supposed to be fixed… and it was, if only kinda.  They put the fix in there but never activated it.  Luckily Sean Hayes (not the actor or the singer) wrote a Firefox addon that activates the fix.

Download it here.  Pretty pretty please.  All of us photographers out there in the internets thank you.  Now you’ll get to see our pictures as they were meant to be viewed.  In our opinion at least!

Oh, and by the way, why not check out that picture you see above at my new photo blog?  It’s


Dave of brought to my attention that not only does this affect both Mac and PC users, that PC users are further hindered from proper color display from their native operating system.  Windows is not known for its ability to properly interpret color/brightness in images.  Apple computers have this calibration automatic and adjustable with its built in monitor calibration; Windows not so much.

Luckily there is a free, yes free, program called Calibrize 2.0 (which I talked about in February) that will fix your PC based computer rig to show more accurate color.

If you’ve got a Mac, you should be good to go with just that plugin.  If you’re on a PC, you’ll need to do both.  A pain, I know!

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