The Dudestorm

Oh, how I love random.  Wednesday afternoon Chase and Corey called me.  They wanted to go to an arcade for games, drinks and fun.  I, being a huge fan of all of those things, was totally in and within an hour, we were on the road to St. Louis for a major dudestorm at Dave and Buster’s.

We got to D&B, got some dinner and then hit the games. I ran out of credits faster than anyone else… significantly so.  Corey was next so we took our winnings and went to the bar to enjoy a few shots… well, quite a few shots.  One was totally killer, the Lethal Weapon, which was like six layers of hard liquor. I had no trouble drinking it but I can see how that top layer of Bacardi 151 Rum might be hard to swallow.

We left D&B and headed to a local bar with Chase’s cousin where I lost pool (meh, can’t win them all), enjoyed a few more drinks and then learned how to play darts.

We kinda had a dumbass bartender/waitress girl. She kept saying it was her first night working but that really didn’t make it any better.  Neither did her placing her hands all over us. Well Chase might have liked that but it was just weird to me.

And in classic Rob style, Chase’s cousin, just as last call was announced over the bullhorn… he ordered more beer and a Long Island for me.  Corey ordered more shots (it’s just what you do when you combine Rob with anyone else). Holy cow.

Whatevs, we had a blast, chugged our drinks and then made our way home (just a few blocks away).

The next day we woke up to 1 degree weather. WTF?

Once again, I had a random, and awesome trip to St. Louis.  I’m really beginning to like that city.  So glad I have such awesome friends as Chase and Corey.  Can’t wait for the next Dudestorm!

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6 thoughts on “The Dudestorm

  1. Thanks guys for the compliments!

    I was using my Nikon 50mm f1.8 which is a super sharp, super cheap, fast lens. Anyone with a Nikon body needs to have this lens, you can find it for under $100, brand new! Only thing faster/better in it’s category is the Nikon 50mm f1.4 or f1.4G which are more than twice the price.

    D&B was a lot of fun, next time I’ll bring the camera inside. 🙂

    Justin Scotts last blog post…The Dudestorm

  2. Haha, well It’s totally worth it Jason. It’s really worth a LOT more. I have lenses costing 4-12 times more and I use that one the most. It’s used in about 80% of my shots!

    Justin Scotts last blog post…The Dudestorm

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