Twitter Account Compromised

I”m not sure if my RSS stream still feeds into my Twitter stream, I hope it does because I want to warn my followers that my Twitter account has been compromised.

Starting with last evening I was unable to log into my account and through today it continues to be unavailable.  If someone else has hijacked my account, there could be damage done to both you and me.  Do not click any links that might show up in my stream or any @replies and possibly most dangerous, direct messages.

Look here for an update when Twitter and I have gotten this fixed.  Meanwhile, I’d love to figure out how someone or something cracked my uber secure password.  I will be spending my morning changing all the passwords to all my other accounts.  Quite a pain, for sure.  Where’s the Web2.0/iPhone app for that?

If you would like to contact me on twitter, send a message to @justincomo, my alternate Twitter account.

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3 thoughts on “Twitter Account Compromised

  1. I never click on your Twitter links anyway… every link on your Twitter stream goes to a FriendFeed page, so you end up having to click through twice.  I just wait until the end of the week when I check FriendFeed and use the direct links! 🙂

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