Visiting the Best Hotels in San Francisco

View from the 29th Floor of the IntenContinental San FranciscoOne of the benefits to not having a home to live in (more on that later) is the awesome views you get from the 4-5 star hotels you get to stay in. This picture was taken from the 29th floor of the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco. A $589 a night room we got via HotWire for an absolute steal.

So far we have stayed at the following hotels:

Our first hotel stay was at the Westin. Our front desk service wasn’t stellar, in fact it was quite disappointing. However, the room was great and the bed heavenly. It was definitely a great room for a business traveler for its decent workspace and proximity to the convention centers.

The next night was at The Palace. Beautiful architecture and decoration show you that this isn’t called the Palace for nothin’. Words can’t properly describe how well this place is decked out. It’s like you’ve stepped back in time to a world where class is key and money is no object. Sadly the views we’ve gotten have been pretty horrible. If you don’t care about a view, this place is a winner.

The InterContinental is like a hotel built from my dreams. Beautiful building, super-modern design and architecture, friendly (if not a little bit pushy on the upgrades) staff and super hip. The views from this place are breathtaking. So are the prices.

But for a room like this and a view like that…

The my favorite so far has been Parker Guest House. While it isn’t as fancy as the others, the classy bed and breakfast style setup mixed with complimentary breakfast, wireless internet and wine social every night won my heart outright. It’s also in our neighborhood, has a few pugs that show up every once in a while and a Brandy station, if you get thirsty. Parker Guest House also had the happiest, friendliest staff, period. It is where I will be sending any family visiting me in San Francisco.

Tonight finds us back at The Palace with another mediocre view but a fabulous room and super comfortable bed. Now if only any of these hotels had the amenities of Parker Guest House, I’d be in heaven. Heck, I’d give in if they would just throw in some free wifi with that astronomical nightly price tag. Come on!

Ok ok, one more view from the InterContinental. Seriously, they should be paying me for this.

View from the InterContinental Hotel San Francisco

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