When Remodeling Means Rats

The other night, Ryan, Aaron, Mike and I went on a stroll through Hayes Valley stopping by House of Sushi.

2157 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA

I saw a sign that I thought was funny. Engrish always is right?

While I thought that was funny, and took to getting a shot of it, either Aaron or Ryan picked up on another sign…

Since when did “remodeling” mean “we have rats or some other disease carrying vermin and this isn’t our first warning so we are shutdown until we can prove to the city that our restaurant isn’t going to kill or sicken our paying customers”?

I love sushi. Like, really love sushi. And normally in a situation like this I would be thinking, “Oh my G-d, what if I had eaten here?!” Luckily, there is Yelp…

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