Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all of you out there.  Hope your’s is wonderful.  Here’ a picture I took that makes me find peace, just in time for the season!

Ryan and I are having a wonderful time here with family and visiting friends.  Today we celebrate Thanksgiving at a family friend’s and who knows what the night will bring.  Perhaps the holiday lighting ceremony.  Maybe more time with Jena and Melissa.  Eitherway, we’re all havea  great time and I hope you are too!


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6 thoughts on “Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Hey man Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    We ordered some cheapy wireless triggers off of ebay. As people call them on strobist, poverty wizards. The ones we got came with 1 transmitter and 2 receivers for like $38 pre s&h. They have 4 different channels you can set them too, and surprisingly they work really well. I’m looking into investing in some cheap flashes (probably some vivitar’s, they’re super easy, really effective, and timeless, oh yea, and did I mention cheap?), and some more wireless triggers so I don’t have to borrow my friend Alex’s gear at all. Doing the off camera lighting was too much fun and I can’t wait to mess with it some more.

    We need to meet up and shoot soon. Hit me up.

    Have a safe holiday with your loved ones bro. See ya around.

    – Tony

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