$10 Prints!!!

So, in an effort to raise money for my new Nikon D700 with kit lens (or the 24-70 f2.8 if I raise enough $$$) I’ll be selling my prints at a HUGE discount.

Instead of the normal $55-75/print, I’ll be selling them for as low as $10!

This was inspired by a couple of amazing twitter friends, @hanadarko and @winterheart who both donated to the cause when just in jest I requested donations.

So, now I’m only $780 $745 away from the new camera.  I had already saved up the vast majority of the money and only had $800 to go.

I’ll be upgrading from my loyal Nikon D80 which has done well by me.  Unfortunately, it took quite a tumble a month ago and hasn’t been the same since.  The Nikon D700 will allow me to expand my photography by leaps and bounds.  I’m very excited about this new camera and can’t say enough how thankful I am for those who have donated already.

I was asking for $4 donations originally as just a joke but you guys took me seriously.  I’ll take anything!  And anything at or over $10 will get you a print!

Thanks again!

Choose a print from JustinMooreScott.com or PiczarPhoto.com.  I haven’t QUITE finished moving things over from  PiczarPhoto.com but the newest stuff is on JustinMooreScott.com.

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5 thoughts on “$10 Prints!!!

  1. Howdy Justin!Merry Christmas! Hope you have a good day! How long are you going to run the print sale? I would like to get a few but won’t have money until the 3rd of January. Will be hard to nail down two or three but I can think of two I definitely want to get!! I can’t wait to see the photos from the new camera.
    What type of tattoo were you thinking of getting?


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  2. @Winter

    You are such a doll. xoxo


    I’ll be doing this as long as it takes to get the Nikon D700! Hoping it won’t take too long but I can keep it open a little longer for you 🙂

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