Adorama Continues to Impress

I wrote a few weeks back that “Adorama Makes Amazing Photo Books” and they really do.  But what might be better than their books is their customer service.  I remarked in my review that some of my prints came out with a pink hue to them.  @AdoramaPix read the blog post and quickly started their own investigation to the problem and found the solution.

Today I was surprised with a package at my front door.  Inside was my new photo book and the prints are absolutely brilliant.  The colors are spot on, no pink hue whatsoever.  So here is a thanks to Adorama for taking it on themselves to fix this problem.  The new book looks great, I can’t wait to show it my fellow photo students!

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4 thoughts on “Adorama Continues to Impress

  1. Wow!  You know, I really do love Adorama.  I am hopelessly addicted to this place. 

    Ive been meaning to print a photobook, as I have seen a few people with them from Adorama, but I never got around to doing it!

    I cant wait till I get mine done!

  2. Thank you for making such an incredible product! Thinking I will try some metallic(?) prints with you guys soon 😀

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