New Photo Books Out Today

I’ve got two new photo books out today.  One from AdoramaPix and one from Blurb.  The AdoramaPix book holds nineteen of my latest photographs culled down from hundreds.  It’s another high quality book from AdoramaPix, 12″ square C-Prints.  I can’t wait to get it in and see it on paper.
Meanwhile, I also created an in depth look at the photography I’ve made over the two years using Blurb Books.  From Lockhart Texas to Paris France, from subway trains to aeroplanes, water fountains to cisterns.  It’s 196 pages of my work.  While it isn’t all of it, it’s a pretty good look at what I’ve been doing.
Check them out and let me know what you think, especially if you pick one up for yourself!

Adorama Continues to Impress

I wrote a few weeks back that “Adorama Makes Amazing Photo Books” and they really do.  But what might be better than their books is their customer service.  I remarked in my review that some of my prints came out with a pink hue to them.  @AdoramaPix read the blog post and quickly started their own investigation to the problem and found the solution.

Today I was surprised with a package at my front door.  Inside was my new photo book and the prints are absolutely brilliant.  The colors are spot on, no pink hue whatsoever.  So here is a thanks to Adorama for taking it on themselves to fix this problem.  The new book looks great, I can’t wait to show it my fellow photo students!

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