Everyone Needs a Social Card

I’m doing my best these days to go out and network as much as possible. It never ceases to amaze me the people I meet here in San Francisco and everywhere else I travel. One day I might meet the guy who created some iPhone app I cannot live without, the next day it’s the owner of French champagne house or while I’m eating dinner at Ristorante Ideale with my parents and I meet an awesome couple visiting from Toronto.

In all of these situations I am left wanting to connect with these interesting and sometimes inspiring people. Problem is, I always realize I want a card to hand them when it’s too late. This is where a business card comes in handy. But instead of handing out your business card why not hand out a social card? That’s what I decided to make today.

Justin Scott - Photography Marketing and Public Relations

This simple card gets across what I feel are the most important take-aways. First of all my name is big and bold on the front of the card. I don’t list my profession or position but I do list the three things people pay me to do, photography, marketing and public relations. That’s really all anyone needs to know about what I do. Remember this is a social card, not a business card.

On the back I give a few more specific details like my email, phone number, Twitter handle and of course, this website’s address. I could have linked Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and probably a dozen other sites but for me, these are what were important.

It’s simple, clean, easy to read and effective. Business cards, or in this case, social cards, are cheap too. I ordered 250 of these cards on heavy stock paper for $39 and they should be ready for me tomorrow. If I printed them online it would have been half the price or less!

So make yourself a social card, even if you already have a business card. It’s a solid way to make networking outside of work that much more effective. Plus if you are in-between jobs, planning on switching jobs or don’t want people to know where you work, this card fills the business card void.

Here are a few tutorials on how to make a business card without the expensive designer, as long as you have the expensive software.

I can’t find the tutorial I used to design my card but the ones above are pretty solid.

4 thoughts on “Everyone Needs a Social Card

  1. @Rich Mackey Love the look of yours. I tried that design before, as you I’m sure remember, and while people who got it loved it, the rest had to be educated on the design. Plus I realize now that a dark card is hard to read in a poorly lit situation, like at a restaurant, bar or club. Mine were too dark with too fine of font. http://t.co/2PVAMMpz My new card is bright bold and simple. I just hope it makes it to me before I go to livefyre tomorrow for lunch 😀

  2. I am a huge fan of social cards! I used to keep them in college and grad school to hand out at networking events. There is definitely something to be said about the level of thoughtfulness and planning that is demonstrated by carrying a social card. Can’t wait to see yours at lunch today! Wish I had one to give you in return, but hopefully my business card will suffice.

  3. meghankrane I’m hoping they are ready by the time I leave the house in a few minutes. Sadly photoworkssf had a bit of trouble with my file so there was a bit of a delay. Still a chance I’ll have them HOT off the presses when I arrive. Otherwise I’ll bring my previous model 😀 See you soon!

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