Gettin’ Ink’d

No, not me, though I’d love to get a tattoo.  I just don’t think it fits my personality and what would Ryan or my family think?!  I imagine I’m all sorts of hard core but reality tells me I’m lame haha.

That’s why I have cool friends like Chase who got a sweet tat today at Hollywood Rebel here in Columbia.  Oh, and in classic Justin style, I was there to capture the event.

His tattooist, Gabe, had this awesome framed posted on the wall of an old Jell-O advertisement.  Ryan and I are pretty big Jell-O Gelatin fans, the sugar free variety, so I had to get a shot of it for him.

Proving the pain was nothing, Chase answers a call on his phone.  Followed by “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” spoken in increasing speed.  Guess it hurt more than he was letting on haha.

The end result was pretty sweet. (click for larger)

So should I get a tat..too?  I’ll put a poll here and you can tell me what you think!

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4 thoughts on “Gettin’ Ink’d

  1. I think if you want a tat then you should get one. The key is really finding one that does fit with you. Looking at Chase’s tat that is a major commitment as far as how large it is. Maybe you are more of a small something on the ankle type of guy. Something sexy but subtle.

  2. After I watched two of my friends get their tattoos I thought I wanted one too. If you want one you should get one, just make sure you really want it. 🙂

  3. Tats on the ribs KILL. Tell him I feel his pain. 😉

    What does the tat say? What does his other tat say?

    Tats can go with any personality. It’s about finding one that fits your personality and really means something to you.

    Ginas last blog post…Caturday #5

  4. @ Gina:

    The tat says

    We will wear compassion, we will wear it on our chests, and sing with love at our throats, like a child its all i know.

    It’s from an As Cities Burn song

    Thing is, I want a tattoo that like covers my arm and part of my chest haha. But I know in a few years I won’t want it anymore soo… haha

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