I’m Back in New York City April 10-16 for KATG Week!

I’m headed back to the Big Apple! It seems like I was just there and I can’t wait to get back. Over the years New York City has become one of my favorite places to visit. From the delicious food, fun night light and one of a kind shopping, the city so nice they named it twice has it all. Best of all it has amazing people and for the week I’ll be there, some really amazing events.


This trip to New York is centered around KATG Week. For those who don’t know, KATG stands for Keith and the Girl, a New York based comedy podcast hosted by Keith Malley and Chemda (the girl). They were the second podcast I ever subscribed to and the only one that has lasted in my iTunes library for the eight years since they first started. We’ve also done some work together.

I'm going to a Keith and the Girl Party Super Party!KATG Week is a week long celebration full of comedy shows, drinks, games, live shows, music and general fun times. It ends with Keith’s annual standup show and after party.

My nights will be pretty much taken over by KATG events but I want to see you all if possible! Now I know what it’s like to be both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Here is my schedule:

4/10/13Totally Open!
This is my first night in New York and as of yet, I have no plans! Time is short but I hope to get something together so I can see you.
4/11/13KATG Week Kick-Off Party!
8:00 PM at Juniper Jones, 10 Jay street Brooklyn NY 11201
Join us for the opening ceremonies to this year’s KATG Week. Chemda will be hosting bingo with some awesome prizes. A Nintendo Wii system will also be set-up at the venue.
4/12/13Spin-Off Night! — That’s the Bottoms-Up Show Owwwr!
7:00 PM at White Wave 25, Jay Street Brooklyn NY 11201
Come see the very first live performance of three of KATG’s spin-off shows! Join your hosts Danny (That’s the Show with Danny), Lauren with co-host Emmy (Bottoms-Up with Hennessy) and Brother Love (The Brother Love Owwwr!) as they take you on a fun-filled journey into the very heart of pure entertainment!
4/13/13What’s My Name LIVE
7:00 PM at White Wave 25, Jay Street Brooklyn NY 11201
Chemda hosts the second-ever live episode of her hit spin-off What’s My Name, featuring some of your favorite guests as they weigh in about their worst roommate experiences.
4/14/13KATG Stand-Up-Athon 
7:00 PM at White Wave 25, Jay Street Brooklyn NY 11201
Chemda hosts a 2-minute stand-up contest about everyone’s favorite topic — Keith and The Girl! Your favorite comic guests will perform 2 minutes of KATG-related material in a bid to win the $500 first-place prize.
4/15/13Keith’s 10th Annual Stand-Up Extravaganza
7:00 PM at White Wave 25, Jay Street Brooklyn NY 11201
Come be a part of Keith’s 10th Stand-Up taping! Keith will be performing a set of his best material over the years, with a twist: He’s doing it completely clean! Come be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, featuring G-rated Keith and his opener Chemda.

When I’m not out at night having a blast with Keith and the Girl listeners, n00bs and everyone else, I’ll be staying in Queens and working out of a WeWork in Manhattan. Lunches, coffee and cocktails are all the rage and though I won’t be having my usual New York Tweetup, I hope we can connect.

13 thoughts on “I’m Back in New York City April 10-16 for KATG Week!

  1. omgclassic willvith awe dang. Some other time then! We still need to pop open some champagne together!

  2. omgclassic hopefully not! But when you do, Napa and Sonoma must happen. I now have too many wine club memberships, three for bubbles!

  3. justex07 ahhh I now see ur WeWork & keithandthegirl planz! Fun!! Hopefully we can connect at some point. I’ll watch it tweets!

  4. justex07 Ugh. I don’t know if I can do that… I’m headed to Greenwich Village to see worshipwarship. What are you doing later tonight?

  5. Blinkster24 oh I miss worshipwarship! These events go into the morning typically. Hmmm, lemme see what we can do.

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