Keith and the Girl 30 Hour Marathon Kickstarter Campaign

Back in 2005 I made a huge decision to leave behind my school, my friends and my life in Columbia Missouri. I was heartbroken, mentally disheveled and felt like my life was spinning a slow spiral down a shallow drain. The decision was made in haste but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in my life. As you all know by now.

As a side effect of moving into a cabin in the words of wine country is I was limited to forms of entertainment. I didn’t have TV, there was no cell service to speak of and I was miles away from anyone with a head full of teeth (river folk are an interesting breed).

What I did have was a high speed internet connection and a new thing called “Podcasts” in my iTunes. Living alone with little human interaction can make you go crazy in no time. These podcasts kept me sane by entertaining me and taking my attention away from the problems in my life, by allowing me to laugh again and grow to know things would be OK.

One of the first podcasts I subscribed to was Keith and the Girl. Back then they were two professional clowns (seriously) who were dating and trying to make a name for themselves in NYC, in between gigs as Elmo at children’s parties. One a standup comedian, the other a talented if not under-appreciated singer. Keith Malley and Chemda became my friends, even if they didn’t know it.

Cut to two years later and I’m back to Missouri with a new wonderful boyfriend, Ryan. One our road trips around Missouri we listened to Keith and the Girl (KATG) and since then I’ve done my part to turn others onto this comedy duo and their daily talk show.

Today Keith and Chemda are dating new people but the show lives on, even better than before. They have released a fantastic relationship book, What Do We Do Now?, a dozen or so comedy albums and thousands of hours of podcast episodes. Last month I was honored when Chemda and her brother, entrepreneur extraordinaire Michael, asked me to join them in helping grow the show.

Together we launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 in thirty days. If we made our goal, KATG would do a thirty-hour marathon, using the funds to pay for the marathon, upgrade their chat system and improve their website from the ground up. Every $500 over the initial goal added another hour to the live comedy marathon and if we made it to $30,000 not only would there be a seventy-hour, there would also be a live standup comedy marathon at The Creek and the Cave with thirty standup acts performing two minutes each on stage. Yes two minutes and not a second more.

This is absolute torture for a standup comedian, which is why I love the idea so much.

We made our $10k goal in no time and now we’ve got about five days to go to make our big goal of $30k! If you like comedy, if you like laughter and making people who crave attention and approval of others squirm on stage, I implore you to join in on this Kickstarter campaign. Follow their comedic genius on Twitter as @KeithandtheGirl and check out their awesome podcast. It’s the first one I listen to each and everyday and has been for nearly eight years.

This is a show I love by people I look up to featuring a guest list with the likes of Marc Maron (neurotic and prolific podcaster), Doug Stanhope (rough on the edges), Christian Finnegan (you know, from VH1), Myq Kaplan (he’s punny on purpose), MC Mr. Napkins (America’s No. 1 Jewish hip hop rap star), John F. O’Donnell (bat shit crazy, in a good way), Ray DeVito (almost as funny as Jesse Joyce), Jesse Joyce (almost as funny at Ray DeVito), Pat Dixon (not a chauvinist) and Myka Fox (a girl that’s also funny, crazy but funny) and many many more.

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  1. @canneryroll thanks! Yeah I even had a podcast for a while, The Justin and Callie Show, back in 2005.

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