iPhone 2.0 Gives Wrong Location

Whenever I use iPhone 2.0 on my 1st generation iPhone to find my location, it says I’m in Florida.  Every time.  I have restarted, reformatted, driven 30 miles away from my home base right now… Still I’m in Florida and at the same address.

I’m in Texas.  Just ask BrightKite.

iPhone 2.0 Gives Wrong Location

Anyone else having these problems?

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3 thoughts on “iPhone 2.0 Gives Wrong Location

  1. I read somewhere that there is speculation that the build that we found and have installed is actually for the iphone 3G and not made for 1st generation, and that’s why it hasn’t shown up in the update in iTunes. We will find out tomorrow!!! I would say that by 8am eastern we will know.

  2. I think Dave2 at Blogography ranted about this issue once before. Did they fix it in the new iPhone? Personally, I’m stuck with my Samsung Stripe for at least another year. If I come across some extra moolah I’ll go to a smart phone, but AT&T fucked me before and I’m still too pissed about it to go back to them, even for an iPhone.

    Winters last blog post..Can Vampires Be Gay?

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