No Smoke, Just Mirrors

I decided to dip my hand into this tight aperture (f-22 to f-36) on a mirror game, literally.

Hard to take a picture of your own hand…  Lesson = learned.

Next time I am going to spin that dradle, I bet it would make for a pretty awesome shot.

Looks like motor oil but it is honey.  Sweet, delicious honey injected with red wine to increase the golden color.  Thought up that one on my own 😉

Learned how to double my money in a flash!

My prized Nikon F3.  I never use it, but I do prize it.  Click for a larger version.

I didn’t have any food coloring and corn syrup to make fake blood so I just tried some of that wine.  No go.  Just couldn’t get that blood look.  So here’s the pic sans faux blood.

Funny story, after putting all of this stuff up, i accidentally cut myself and bled all over the mirror haha, damn the timing.

One thought on “No Smoke, Just Mirrors

  1. Hey, awesome pictures. Although the last one with the syringe is kind of creepy… Hope you’re well and I can’t wait to see you when you come out!

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