13 thoughts on “Optimizing My Back End

  1. @richmackey thanks for sharing my post! I also started using a new caching plugin after doing some testing, post to come.

  2. @justex07 Yeah. That looks more complex than I can handle. 🙂 But will be curious to see the post!

  3. @richmackey I’ve got a few more in the queue (ugh) but it so far has been great. Also @Livefyre is now pulling Twitter comments in again 😀

  4. @justex07 I’m going to ramp up to 1 per week on various topics. Mostly life related it seems. That’s where I’m headed with my blog.

  5. @richmackey I need to ramp it up too. Life has me far too busy right now. Plus I seem to write long form which takes much more time.

  6. @justex07 Yeah. Mine are all really long. Trying to keep them shorter and more frequent. I just need to get in the habit.

  7. @justex07 Ah. Re: @nrelate ads – they will pay you via Paypal with the email address you used to set up.

  8. @richmackey @nrelate ah gotcha. Glad the emails correspond, otherwise that’d be a bit weird.

  9. @justex07 Yeah, mine don’t. LOL. It’s for a more niche site I have where I don’t use my main email addy. Time for a second Paypal acct!

  10. Hi,
    I know this post is a few years old, however, still a relevant read. I wanted to ask, now that we are a few years ahead – what Cache plugin have you settled on?


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