Eeek! I’m Going Forward With It!

After weeks of deliberating on whether or not I should start a podcast, followed by weeks of debating on the equipment I should purchase, I finally make the leap and clicked the “Buy Now” button on Amazon.


I made some major changes from my original plan for this studio. The most obvious one is that instead of having a four-person setup from the beginning I’ll be doing a three person show. If I get to the point that I find myself having four people on regularly, I can easily add another mic, stand and headphone for around $150. Not a big deal. I might even get a better setup for that fourth seat and use it for myself.

In keeping with the podcasting guides I’ll share my reasoning for each of the major items. Continue reading

2014 Premium Podcast Studio

Welcome to part three of my podcast equipment buying guide. This guide breaks down the buying decisions for someone who wants to go from zero to podcasting hero. Everything in this setup meets or exceeds many of the best podcasts out there. Any corners cut were thoughtfully done so in order to splurge a bit in other places.

Earlier I wrote up a “Budget” podcasting studio equipment guide. For most people this is all they will ever need. But for those of us who want to have a system on day one that will be our work horse five years later, this is the one to go for.

Out of the box you’ll be ready to podcast with hi-fidelity audio across four microphones and even bring in audio from extra sources like a Skype call. And because this system ups the ante on just about everything, it also works out into a fantastic musical setup should you want to record singing or instrumentals. Rent out your podcasting studio to local artists wanting to get their demo out!

How I wasted $1,500...

How I wasted $1,500…

When all is said and done, this is probably the setup I will go with for my podcasts. It fulfills all my out-of-the-box needs and then some without breaking my personal budget of $1,500.

If anyone is wondering why I chose $1,500 here’s the deal. I bought Google Glass last year for $1,500 + tax and it was basically a total waste of money. Right now my friend Jorge is using them to take candid photos of his pugs. I kid you not. So I figured I would give myself a chance to redeem myself.

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Why Do I Want to Podcast So Badly?

I’m not really sure what has come over me but for the last few weeks I’ve been obsessing with the idea of podcasting again. It’s doubtful that any of you remember my old days of podcasting back in 2006. It was a short-lived experiment in the burgeoning medium but a fun one.


Back then all I had was a Dell laptop and crappy RadioShack microphone and a quirky friend named Callie who laughed at everything I said and made the most ridiculous statements. Our show was called The Justin & Callie Show partly because we were so incredibly creative (snark) and because we thought it funny to have a “J C” show that wasn’t about Jesus.

I told you she laughed at everything. Oh dear Callie, you were too good to me. Continue reading