Why Do I Want to Podcast So Badly?

I’m not really sure what has come over me but for the last few weeks I’ve been obsessing with the idea of podcasting again. It’s doubtful that any of you remember my old days of podcasting back in 2006. It was a short-lived experiment in the burgeoning medium but a fun one.


Back then all I had was a Dell laptop and crappy RadioShack microphone and a quirky friend named Callie who laughed at everything I said and made the most ridiculous statements. Our show was called The Justin & Callie Show partly because we were so incredibly creative (snark) and because we thought it funny to have a “J C” show that wasn’t about Jesus.

I told you she laughed at everything. Oh dear Callie, you were too good to me.

The fans would turn up so loud that it would sound like we were in a wind tunnel and the motherboard was so noisy that it picked up the clicking sounds of the hard drive like a beating heart. It was a mess.

Back then I was a huge fan of the Dawn and Drew Show, as well as the Keith and the Girl show, which as you probably do know, I’m still a huge fan of. In fact, I am now friends with Keith and the Girl (aka Chemda) after having them as a client for a Kickstarter project and then growing from there. They are incredible and amazing people.

A few months ago I was tasked with setting up a full HD, three camera broadcast studio. It was a fun endeavor and one that I’m lucky enough to continue working on day-to-day. I blame this as the re-ignation of my desire to create content. While I can’t afford a $150,000 or so studio, I do have the money to do a small audio/video studio and an even smaller spare bedroom to do it in.

PodcastlogoMy apartment here in San Diego has a second bedroom that is currently home to my 140 bottle wine fridge and serves as my office. It doesn’t get nearly the foot traffic it deserves, especially considering the wine fridge is currently over capacity! So why not make better use of this space and create a broadcast studio of my own?

Some of you might be wondering, if you’re this bad a blogging these days, how can we possibly expect you to be good at regularly podcasting. Fair question, you jerk. I don’t really have an answer for that except the my goal for the podcast is to set a schedule with friends who will hold each other, including me, accountable for getting together and recording informative, humorous and not-totally-mundane audio for your consumption.

Next you might ask, what the heck would you talk at me about. Well here are a few ideas…

  • Tinder Your Desperation (since I own the domain)
    • A show where I interview people I meet off dating apps to ask them the very deep questions such as:
      • Hi
      • Looking?
      • Hi
      • Wrud?
      • Hey
      • Top?
      • Hey sexxxy
      • Ur handsome
      • Hello
    • You get the point. I might also dig a little deeper but let’s be honest…
    • I’ll also have friends sharing their awesomely horrible Grindr, Tinder, Jack’d, Scruff, OK Cupid, etc, dates
  • Filtrd
    • Where I kvetch about Instagram
    • Also there will be talk about photography, art and design
    • Regular deep dives into topics such as
      • Aperture?
      • The use, and misuse, of lens compression
      • Megapixels do not equal quality images
      • Lemme take a selfie
      • #nofilter #valencia
    • I’ll dork about about lenses and sensors
    • I’ll bring on other photographers to talk about their work and philosophies
  • Sauced
    • A show hosted by a few girlfriends of mine
    • They get tipsy and talk about
      • Food
      • Love
      • Sex
      • Dessert
  • Cyber Sects
    • Geopolitical warfare
    • Where I make use of my PoliSci degree
    • Wikileaks anyone?
    • Where I pretend to be a lawyer
  • Electronicast

    • Tech talk
    • Regular product reviews
    • We poke holes in startups’ monetization plans
    • An opportunity to geek out on nerdy things (Dr. Who anyone?)
  • What’d I Miss?
    • I imagine it has something to do with drinking

That is just a taste of the delicious podcasting and YouTube shows I have in mind. Or maybe none of these who knows. But all it takes is about $1,300 and a handful of dedicated friends to join me. Where will that $1,200 go? Here’s where!

Behringer XENYX X1204USB Mixer1$180.00$180.00
Behringer HA400 4-Channel Headphone Amp1$25.00$25.00
Audio-Technica AT2035 Studio Condenser Mic4$150.00$600.00
Sennheiser HD 419 Headphones4$45.00$180.00
NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom Stand4$18.00$72.00
1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter4$1.41$5.64
1/4″ TRS to TRS Interconnect Cable1$4.21$4.21
Pop filters (free)4$0.00$0.00
XLR cables (free)4$0.00$0.00
Chairs (already own)4$0$0.00
Acoustic Foam4$33$132.00
Zoom H1n backup audio recorder (already own)1$0$0.00

Do I have enough friends who really and truly want to do something like this to justify it? Do you think people would listen? Hmmmm. Would love your thoughts and if I actually do go ahead with this project I’d love to have you as a call in guest!

Also, if I do go with this plan, I promise a detailed explanation of what brought me to choose each of the items I put into the studio. Notably missing from the list above is any lighting or video equipment. I already own a great ARRI light kit. We’ll get to cameras once I commit to the podcasting. One step at a time!

Though I’m wondering… what better excuse than this to buy a few GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition cameras?!GoPro-Hero-3-Black-Edition

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Keith and Chemda have a podcasting guide available for purchase. It’s called the “Ultimate Podcasting Guide.” I haven’t had a chance to check it out but from what I’ve heard, and because I know them to be thoughtful and incredibly talented people, it’s sort of the de-facto guide to starting a podcast. I guess I should pick up a copy huh?

15 thoughts on “Why Do I Want to Podcast So Badly?

  1. markyeg I went to school for CompSci but changed my major half a dozen times. lol

  2. jonk everything should arrive by Saturday. Just in time for #ComicCon and #SDPride. Who knows what I’ll end up with haha. I need guests!

  3. ericNtally markyeg part of me regrets bouncing around so much, another part of me is glad I have such a well-rounded education.

  4. justex07 you could do one show that combines a few if those things. How often do you think you’ll post a show?

  5. DrumMajorKev still working that out. I’d like to do weekly, maybe six times a month.

  6. DrumMajorKev I’ve had a lot of people say that. Hopefully when I finally do a show…it doesn’t suck haha

  7. DrumMajorKev you should check out keithandthegirl. It’s one I’ve been subscribed to for eight years! #katg

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