I’m Not Gone, Just a Little Absent

When I moved to San Diego I had these grand ideas of the new city and new adventures providing me with the time and inspiration to get back into blogging and shooting photos (making art) on the regular. It was a great idea but it just hasn’t come to fruition. I’m not giving up but coming to terms with the fact that I can’t do all the things I want to do, be the person I want to be and still have free time.

At least not right now.

Hoping upon hopes that I can find a way to slow things down for a while, make some free time for myself and get back into the habit that used to be my life, writing. They say it’s one of those things you need to exercise or else risk losing it. My photography and writing are getting flabby. So am I, to be honest.

I started back to the gym last week and with the exception of Sunday, my day of rest you know, I’ve gone to the gym every day for an hour of cardio and/or strength training. I’m even debating restarting the 4-Hour Body diet. No excuses… except that I don’t wanna!

Learning that a change of venue doesn’t guarantee inspiration without the perspiration has been a difficult lesson to learn. Here’s to recreating my former self.

6 thoughts on “I’m Not Gone, Just a Little Absent

  1. codyrodriguez it’s a simple little post but a good start. P.S. took that picture when we went to Sunset Cliffs.

  2. justex07 awwww see maybe once I move there I can push you to take that time to use ur creativity for yourself

  3. SamuelAveryHunt  remember when you, Clettenberg, artripoli and I had a Flickr group for inspiring and practicing our photography? Feel like we never let it get off the ground. Meanwhile all three of you are doing way more work than me haha.

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