What a Trip So Far

This trip to Texas has been just absolutely fantastic. While I’m missing Ryan more and more everyday, I’m accomplishing so much, preparing contacts and opportunity for my future and having an overall great time.

Today I continued my summer tour of professional photography studios.  The one I went to today was hands down the nicest, most inspiring I’ve seen, in-my-life.

14,000 square feet, three stages, two full sized commercial kitchens, a pool, a pond, an atrium, a vegetable and herb garden, fruit trees, and to top it off, a THX certified theater speaker system. The whole outfit is likely worth around $10,000,000. Currently I’m about $9,997,000 short on building my own…

Tomorrow morning I drive back to the hill country, do some more work, then head BACK to Houston for my birthday (August 2) and then BACK again to the hill country and then BACK again to Houston to fly home to Columbia.

I’ve driven quite a bit on this trip… A little too much if you ask me.  But at least I did it in style! LoL

Sure do wish I could take the car home with me to Missouri… I’m getting used to it haha.  Alas, it’s work’s car and I will soon turn over the keys and go back to driving my Honda Accord.  I love my car but you get a taste of luxury and it sticks.

Speaking of which, I should get to sleep, I’ve got a four hour drive in that car starting early in the morning!  Catch you on the flip side.  Oh and go to the photoblog to see some of the new pics.

Car Commercial that Doesn’t Suck

Normally I just can’t stand car commercials.  This one, however, is quite the exception.  It’s the new Pontiac G8 and the commercial is based on a video game I used to play any time my family went to one of those cheap pizza places like CiCi’s with the arcade.

I just loved that game and to see someone create something out of it, well, it just really touches my heart, sob sob sob.  😉

[flv:Pontiac_G8.flv 425 325]

Am I Really That Busy?

It’s weird. I have had so many people comment to me about why we haven’t hung out this summer very much or at all, and almost everyone has claimed that it was I who was too busy that caused the problem.

I don’t believe they are just trying to pass on blame to me, I feel they really do think that I am busy all the time, but honestly, I’m not. I’m only getting 11-15 hours of work a week and that’s pretty much all there is with me. I have been waking up early, 6:46am this morning, and going out to run errands, making up errands just to get my mind off the fact that I have nothing to do.

I had all of these great plans and they all seem to be falling through. New York to do photography never went far, my contact never made contact… Monaco is still on hold waiting for the photographer there and the landlord to figure out if it will work out for me to do it.

My days have been pretty darn productive, dentist appointments, getting two quotes to get my car fixed, set up my new apartment’s phone service, DSL service, electricity and gas… I have taken trips to Booneville a few times, to Jefferson City and to the Lake since school was released… Pretty soon I leave for Austin and Houston. I will be getting Lasik (hopefully) and moving my stuff down here to my new apartment.

I will be officially in my new apartment on the 17th of June and then I will be gone June 22-25 in Indianapolis. Then I get back in town and… back to the airport for my trip to Washington DC where I will be hanging out from June 27 to July 9. I hope to pick up some shifts at Starbucks while I am out there, make some money. Then I’m in Columbia setting up my apartment until late July and until early August visiting California for my birthday.

I am going to be just incredibly busy travelling but my time here in Columbia is pretty mundane and lonely. So if anyone wants to hang out, give me a call cause… life sucks when you are alone.

I have had a few fun times in the past week. Just the other day I went out to Jefferson City and hung out at my friend Scott’s house. We just sat around, talked, had a good time. His friend Amy was over, I love her! She is hilarious. They were doing work around his house before I got there, doing some beautiful landscaping. He showed me the before and after pics of his place, looks just amazing.

We made dinner… well actually, they made dinner and I watched. It was very tasty, chicken wrapped in bacon and around cream cheese with green beans and roasted potatoes. I had a few, strong, vanilla vodka’s and diet, awesome, maybe a new favorite of mine! Then we all cuddled up on the couches and watched National Lampoon’s Family Vacation.

It was a good time. I hope to hang out with Scott a lot more.

In other news, check out my old apartment in San Francisco now apart of Google Maps Street View!


I lived there!!!  Lord how I miss that apartment and Seth.