Another Beautiful Day

It seems like the awesome fun time that happened last night continued its positive energy through the following day. Today I was efficient at getting stuff done at work, able to make it to the grocery story to prepare for a healthy week of meals and had enough free time to socialize with friends off and online.

A brisk walk through the Castro finished off the night putting me into one of the most wonderful moods. It is from days like these that I’m reminded how amazing San Francisco is. Too often stagnation and expectations blind us to the wonder that surrounds us everyday. Lucky for me there are views like the one above that remind me how lucky I am.

One Year and One Day

One year and one day ago Ryan and I said the big three words.

Last night we enjoyed dinner at Bleu, dessert at Wine and Cheese Bistro and a long walk around town.

Last Thanksgiving my parents came to Columbia to celebrate Thanksgiving with Ryan and I.  This year they have invited Ryan to Thanksgiving with the whole family in Texas.  Ryan went joined me in Texas, spending several days in Austin and San Antonio with my grandparents and parents.

He’s really becoming a part of the family and that is so exciting for me.  To think that just a few years ago I was afraid for my family to know that I was gay and now, here we are, making our life a part of my familys’.  It’s awesome.

The family on my dad’s side might be a bit slower in this adaptation.  Much slower really.  Caymanians aren’t known for their openmindedness.  I do have some paternal family members that know about Ryan or that I am gay and have been good about it, but the overwhelming majority I fear would have a very, very bad reaction.

Of course, who needs them.  I know Ryan will be by my side through thick or thin; if my blood family won’t then that’s their loss.  They don’t deserve what they can’t give.

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