I’ve Always Loved Healdsburg

For as long as I have been visiting California, I have been visiting Healdsburg. I remember coming here as a kid, going to Oakville Grocery for the most amazing sandwiches and then heading west to Armstrong Woods in Guerneville.

If you haven’t visited Healdsburg California, you really must. It’s like one of the picturesque scenes from the movie Pleasantville, only more wine, color and public displays of affection.

After my court date, I headed up here for some time at The Flying Goat, one of my favorite coffee shops for a fantastic cappuccino and some wifi time. Unfortunately the wifi didn’t work out so I was forced to head over to Starbucks for actually functional wifi.

I got a lot of work done there, more than I’ve gotten done in a single day since moving back to California! It felt great knocking so many tasks off my todo list. Afterwards I met up with Kayla and proceeded to pour a venti mocha on her driver’s seat… Yeah, that happened.

So while she worked out, I washed, vacuumed, shampooed and otherwise cleaned her car. I mean, after making it smell like chocolate (and not in a good way) it was the least I could do.

Later dinner at her aunt’s house, where I am being graciously hosted for the night, with Matt and a fantastic bottle of French wine.

The photo up at the top is of my little work station here at Kayla’s aunt’s house. It’s just about perfect for me and my laptop, the heater on the left is keeping me warm as I type this out and the lamp provides a perfect blanket of light across my keyboard.

Now it’s off to bed for me. I’m hoping to get an early start to the day, get some more work done before meeting up with Kayla back at The Goat around 9. After that, we head south to San Francisco!

School’s Almost Out, Life Goes On

Oh how I can’t wait for school to be over, for good.  Alas, we all know Justin will never be graduating from college… well a least not this year, which is incredibly annoying/depressing/etc.  I’ve been in school for ages now, way longer than I should have been in school.

Of course, lots of great things have happened because of my extended college career.  I made so many incredible friends, realized engineering wasn’t for me.  Neither was psychology, pre-law, sociology, philosophy… you get the point.

I’ve “settled” on a sort of triple major.  I get one degree with an emphasis on three topics.  For me it’s Political Science, Gender Studies and Photography.  I love all three of those and it opens a lot of doors for me, especially with the PoliSci and Photography portions.

But first I’ve gotta get out of school right?

This summer I have the options of summer school, internships or traveling.  I want to do an internship in Europe but my parents moving to Saudi Arabia makes me want to see them a lot this summer, so maybe an internship in Houston… but then I’d like to get some classes out of the way so summer school?

Hate living like this!

Oh yeah, then there’s being away from Ryan.  I really don’t want to spend the summer states, much less oceans, away from him.  But I guess we can’t put our future together on the back burner so we can spend the present together.  The sooner I graduate, the sooner we can move on with our life together.

Get out of school and then let’s move back to California where I can be with so many of my amazing friends… Sean, Kevin, Mark, David, Kayla, Matt…

Until then, here I am, one class at a time.  I now live through another graduation season where I lose more of my friends.  This year I’m going to miss most Chase and Corey, moving to Kansas City.  Congratulations on them for moving on with their band, Scouts, which is awesome.  But going to miss my boys.

And worse yet, Karen is moving to St. Louis. Major sadness over that, first Micheal and now Karen. Blurg. What’s this city going to?

Luckily Phoebe, Joshua, Laura and Eric Cox etc etc are still here.  Ryan and I will stay sane for a bit longer.

Now it’s Time to Bitch

Ok, I gave you a somewhat muted post, now I just wanna get some shit out.

  • Don’t tell me we are going to hang out and not call me back, much less hang out with me.
  • Don’t tell me you don’t like something about me that was month, years ago and not present.  Why would I care now?  What does it matter?
  • Don’t tell me you really like me and then blow me off, you obviously don’t really like me.
  • Don’t tell me we should hang out and you miss being around me and then hang out with my roommate instead.
  • Don’t act like I’m not in the same room as you.
  • Don’t blame everything on your period.  A menstrual cycle is rough, sure, I’ll give you that, but it isn’t a month long and you can take a god-damned Mydol you know.
  • Don’t tell me you find me attractive if you don’t.
  • Don’t tell me to call you if you know you aren’t going to answer your phone.
  • Don’t act like you want to date me and then go out with another guy.
  • Don’t schedule me for only 15 hours a week and then complain about availability when there are people wanting hours and you just won’t give them to them.
  • Don’t fucking wait for the light to turn yellow before driving through the intersection, you really slow down my day.
  • Don’t ignore me.
  • Don’t keep calling me like it’s your business.
  • Don’t send me anymore credit card applications.  I have too many cards already.
  • Don’t push me to drink alcohol.  It won’t make you more attractive.
  • Don’t dance if you can’t.
  • Don’t sing if you can’t, it isn’t even funny at this point.
  • Don’t keep dating the same guy and then crying when he breaks up with you, again and again.
  • Don’t judge me for the music I listen to.  If I cared what you thought, I’d ask.
  • Don’t leave me annoying, long-winded voice messages.
  • Don’t forget that we used to be best friends.
  • Don’t forget that we used to be in love.
  • Don’t say you will when you both know you won’t.
  • Don’t say you can when we both know you can’t.
  • Don’t think that this is referring to you.
  • Don’t think this is about someone else, it isn’t.
  • Don’t get drunk all the time.
  • Don’t judge people so much, and no, you aren’t fat so stop acting like you are.
  • Don’t be so dramatic, you aren’t that special and if you were, we’d have you admitted.
  • Don’t fear love so fucking much, just let it happen.
  • Don’t think you are better than me because you got a promotion.  That just means they sucked you in and you won’t ever make a solid living.
  • Don’t forget that in five years I will be making triple what you make.
  • Don’t think it’s all about the money, it rarely really is.
  • Don’t let your thoughts invade mine, it gets me in a fit.
  • Don’t throw basketballs at my car, it costs me a-fucking-lot of money to get that shit fixed.
  • Don’t be such a whore, spreading your seed isn’t safe or wholesome.
  • Don’t have such low self-esteem.
  • Don’t think so highly of yourself, your ego is way outta control.
  • Don’t act like you’re right when you aren’t, arguing isn’t fun, especially with you.
  • Don’t punch through bathroom doors.
  • Don’t drop out of my sublease, you bastard.
  • Don’t stress me out so much, I get all weird and make posts like this.
  • Don’t tell me you love me and then take it back the next day, that’s just trashy.
  • Don’t be such a bitch to me
  • Don’t manage a store if you can’t handle it.
  • Don’t forget all the times I did something for you.
  • Don’t forget my sacrifices.
  • Don’t forget my mistakes, being here is one of them.

There, I feel a little better.



All my people are leaving me! Today Geoff, Jenny, Jim, Jake, Josh, Shannon, Megan, Matt, Eric, Annie, … They’re all graduated. Congratulations to you all.

Today I should have graduated, let’s hope next year will be my year. I won’t be convinced until I’m walking the stage.


It is hard to think about living in Columbia without these people, and the many other unnamed in this post. You were all so very special to me and have had an incredible impact on who I am today.

I can look back to my freshman year, virgin, freshly out and learning how to make friends on my own. Immediately Geoff was in my life, and it was truly love at first sight. But our love was to be put on hold until we were ready to be with each other. We eventually made our relationship official and a world of firsts began.

We all know how it ended, it wasn’t pretty. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, our friendship still rings true. That is true love, true friendship.


I will have lost the four most important people in my life this year, lost to Washington DC and St. Louis. Jenny and Geoff are both heading to St. Louis to continue their education. I’m so proud of them and their devotion to their life’s work. Landon and Jim are in and off to Washington DC. Landon headed there last semester but went through his second graduation this week gaining another degree from Mizzou. Saying goodbye to him just an hour ago was more emotional that I had expected.

It will take great effort on my part not to feel alone now, now that the absolute closest people in my life have left this part of their journey through life with me still trailing behind.  As I watch the last Lord of the Rings movie on TBS, I am reminded of A) how dorky I am, B) How much Geoff and I loved to watch this movie together, and C) how special true friends are.

On a less emotional note, where were the fashion police when this woman put on her fingernail polish?  Yikes.


This semester ended with great grades, a confusing (and yet promising) relationship(sorta), the departing of friends, the rekindling of old friendships (Dave, lunch was so much fun) and the start of a new(ish) life, and even more independence.