Zagg SmartBuds Review

 Zagg SmartBuds

For the Memorial Day holiday weekend, had a super sell. Just about everything in their store was 50% off or more. I am a big fan of Zagg’s InvisibleSHIELD screen protectors and ZaggWipes so I thought I would take advantage of their sale.

For whatever reason I didn’t order any InvisibleSHIELDs for my new iPhone or new iPad. Instead I purchased the Zagg Sparq 2.0 battery for Ryan’s Android phone. Its battery life is abysmal. I also picked up a pair of Zagg SmartBuds. I’m in the market for some good workout headphones that don’t cost the $350 my Klipsch Image X10i headphones cost and thought these would be a great alternative.

The normal retail price for the headphones is around $50 but the sale brought them down to $25.

Typically I only review products that I have purchased for myself and typically those products have been heavily researched before I make that purchase. Thus, most of my reviews are positive, glowing even. This is not one of those reviews.

If you learn one thing from this review it will be that the Zagg SmartBuds are perhaps the worst headphones I have ever purchased. Want to know why?

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Rootless Tree

So I kinda have to change this post, before I even post it.

I had originally written a post about quality music and how much I love the indie music scene out right now, even though I don’t really know all that much of it.

Damien Rice has been one of these artists that I always can go back to and listen to without ever growing tired of it.  Kind of how I feel about Rufus Wainwright and Ben Folds, all of whom are not in the least, indie artists.  But they are, at least seemingly, down to Earth and their ability to sing live, show their raw emotion and captivate an audience make them the real deal to me.

[flv:Rootless_Tree.flv 500 281]

So yeah… I had originally wrote about how I loved that kind of music and how I enjoy having so many friends in bands like Chase and Corey (of Scouts).

And then Chase, tonight, at the Artisan ruined it.  Oh and he ruined it on his blog where he posted the very same video I have posted above.  We think way too much alike. haha.  Then he played the fucking song sans Lisa Hannigan’s vocals. Ugh, at least it sounded great. 😉

Chase played a live solo show tonight at the Artisan, some original songs, some covers.

It was fun, bumped into some of the guys in some of the bands that I really enjoy knowing out here.  But the best part was Ryan joining me.  We haven’t been able to hang out too much recently, with him working so much and me being stuck to a computer much of the day doing work of my own.

Anyways, I’m still posting the video, duh you already watched it, because unlike Chase’s version, mine has original artwork.  Suck on that!

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