Tape Me Up

Mark Jenkins

Image by C-Monster via Flickr

Ryan send me a link to this really awesome artist named Mark Jenkins and his tape sculpture project.  You really must check out his site and view the incredible scenes he has created with plastic wrap and packing tape.

I have taken this idea on and will be making pictures tonight using one of the models Micheal and I made.  He was such a good sport holding still for a few hours while I wrapped him in plastic wrap and then taped him up… followed by the sometimes painful cutting off of his exoskeleton.

We only had time to make one and we didn’t actually get to take any pics with him, we were too tired after the four hour construction!  We also didn’t make him quite strong enough, needed a few more layers of tape but I felt awful holding Micheal up like that for 180 feet of packing tape.

I hope to make a few more for this project and will, but tonight I’ll have to make due with the one.

What would be really cool is if I had access to a mannequin.  Can anyone help?  I, for some reason, feel that Karen (aka @ok2baprincess) has a connection here.  She never ceases to amaze me.

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