My photography professor gave us a project to work on and tomorrow he wants to see some of what we’ve thought up, taken shots of, etc.

The theme is “Public” and the first thing that popped into my head was urinalsPublic restrooms, isn’t that what you thought of?  I also thought public workers (firefighters, utility employees, police, etc)… But I have easier access to public restrooms and you’re supposed to follow your first thought anyways, right?

Here goes what I have so far.

Thoughts?  Suggestions of something else I could do?  The next project will be titled, Private.  So maybe I’ll go into friend’s restrooms a sneak shots of the medicine cabinet or the bathroom itself, something equally awful.  I could also put a note on Craigslist and ask for ppl who would model for private moments with their significant other or their insignificant other, whichever.

Welcome any thoughts!

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