Wanted… But Only Kinda

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Yesterday, Micheal, Ryan and I went together to see the new Angelina Jolie blockbuster, Wanted.  It was billed as a smart, edge of your seat, action packed, assassin thriller type film.

I really wanted to see it.  Headlining the film was of course, Angelina Jolie along with Morgan Freeman and that guy everyone else knows but me, James McAvoy

The basic premise is these people have control over how their body releases adrenaline  allowing them incredible strength, vision, hearing… well everything.  Oh yeah, and they can make bullets curve into a complete circle by flipping their wrists as they shoot.

If you think that’s far fetched, how about how their get their missions…  Supposedly, The Fraternity is over a thousand years old and have been following the same codes since its inception.  One of these is how it gets its information on who to kill.  This information comes from imperfections on cloth created by a not-so-ancient-and-by-no-means-1000-years-old loom.

Yeah, the code it spits out?  It’s binary.  You know, 11101011010100001 etc.

Apparently they used an 1800 year old code, ok that works.  But how they decoded it makes no sense.  Let’s spell out one of the names it supposedly codes out.


And that’s just the name, not the Age, Weight, Sex, Height and Location that it apparently also puts out.  Bah, I just didn’t like that, could’nt it have been anything else?  Seriously…

Anyway, the action is great, the acting is good.  If it didn’t have the lead characters, if this had been full of first time actors, it would have never made a record opening weekend.  It would either have been a cult classic or a total flop (hard to tell the difference between those two).

The actors did make it watchable and at times pretty entertaining.  What I think made me so bitter was the production of the film.  A poorly thought out soundtrack matched with horrendous mixing of the tracks, overly creative camera angles meant for an art film not an action flick and the bending of physics without even an iota of magical excuse is what made this movie a C at best for me.

I really wanted to see this film, but I’m glad I saw it matinee.  Next disappointing action movie I will see is Hancock.  At least I know ahead of time that the story gets pretty weak, and at least it has Will Smith to make it work.

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Craigslist, Hmph

So, beyond being on a few missed connections, kinda funny really, I have never used Craigslist.  Today I did however and made a whopping three posts, whoa!  Oh and one bulletin board/forum post so I guess that’s four.

Yeah so anyways, I need to get back to my studying/reading/writing/brainstorming.