The Other Justin and Pine 22

I am always excited when the opportunity to meet a Twitter friend during one of my trips comes up. On my trip to Orlando I got to meet two of my Twitter friends in real life (IRL) for the first time. The first was a Twitter friend of my namesake, Justin, followed by Skylor at another downtown Orlando restaurant.

Corey and I met Justin aka @TheJustins86 at a gourmet burger restaurant called Pine Twenty 2 in downtown Orlando. Pine Twenty2 was the recommendation of Justin and what a great one it was.

Pine 22

How we actually came about Pine Twenty2 is even more interesting. Corey was showing to me the menu of a restaurant downtown. I kept saying “wow that sounds awesome” and thinking, “I want to go there!” Then I say to Corey, “The other Justin wants to go to some place called ‘Pine Twenty2’…”

Meanwhile, Corey was showing me the menu to Pine Twenty2 the entire time. If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. Continue reading

Night Light

What an awesome night tonight turned out to be. Twitter buddies @Airrun, @JHolman23, @jasetrevino and @Marris_Returns came over for wine, bread, cheese, and fun.

It was my first pseudo tweetup since moving back to San Francisco, the first time I had seen Jimmy since he moved here from Missouri and the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Jason or Aaron. We listened to music, watched some hilarious YouTube videos, talked about everything and nothing at the same time.

It was a pretty awesome night. Even Ryan got to join in on the fun which was such a pleasant surprise. Seems any other time we do something like this, his hectic work schedule gets in the way. Now I just can’t wait for the next time I have friends over for wine and a great time.

The photo of the day, way up there, is yet another one from the roof of our apartment shooting into the neighboring backyard. There is something about this particular apartment and their 6000 watt light that shines light pollution across the common grassy space between the buildings that is so romantic to me. It’s what I imagine a Gregory Crewdson photo would look like if he had a crew of one and a budget of none.

Find Me, I’m All Over

I setup another website where you can go to find me on all the various social networks and blogs I call home.  Right now I’m somewhat to overly active on three blogs and twenty-seven social sites.  I try to update it regularly when I join another network and at this point I think I’ve hit my limit haha.

Right now you can find me on Twitter, twitpic, twitvid, friendfeed, flickr, tweetreel, facebook, digg, vimeo, myspace, twitres, YouTube, Linkedin, brightkite, USTREAM, posterou, loopts, hulu, tumblr, foursquare, PANDORA, Google Profile, Gowalla,, Google Reader, Yelp and  Click the image below and let’s get connected!  Leave a comment below if there’s one I missed, one I should join or if you’ve sent me a request so I can hurry over and add you!

Thanks friends!  You rock.

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Twitter Shirts

twitter-shirtSo I’m going to print off some Twitter shirts for those local tweeps that want one.  Cost should be around $25 from Acme, on those really nice American Apparel t-shirts.

Each has a unique name on the front (your twitter name) and your tweetcloud on the back.

The idea came from some that @ok2baprincess and @bigred77 made for our weekly Twitter Brunch Bunch, but these will be more personal.  Can’t wait to figure out the Princess’s tweetcloud LoL!

Here’s what mine looks like, shirt color is just a guess, not sure what color I want to do, thoughts?

Click the shirt to enlarge

This is the first shirt I’ve ever designed, it was a lot of fun, more than it probably should have been…  I guess I’m officially a Twitter addict, or in some other way disabled by my love for the service. 🙂

You can download my templates to make your own by clicking the link below.

The Cake and a Movie Movement

Wow, this Cake and a Movie thing seems to be taking off, at least on Twitter. There are reports of #CaaM being held from California to Illinois to North Carolina to Florida and all the way across globe in Australia. How awesome is that?

I registered today but haven’t decided how I want to build it out. Another WordPress blog? A Joomla or Drupal content management system? I’m taking ideas from anyone that has them.

With this site I want to help other people host their own Cake and a Movie gatherings with movie reviews, recipes, tips… etc etc. I’d love to figure out a way to have a live stream of the #CaaM hash tag from Twitter. Anyone know how to do this?

Another cool feature would be for people to post their Cake and a Movie events for others to join, a GoogleMaps integration would be great. Plus people could submit their movie reviews and recipes, how fun would that be?

Make this whole #CaaM thing go big. I feel that in a time where there is so much uncertainty, when we are all a little bit down, something like this could be the very thing that helps pull us up. Sometimes it’s just the simple things.

Plus… these get-togethers are a blast! Just search for #CaaM on Twitter and see what everyone is talking about!

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Get Zemified! with Zemanta

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...

Image by Zemanta via CrunchBase

I have written about the wonderful plugin Zemanta before on my blog.  It has become, by far, the most used and useful plugin when writing a post, period.

Just as I wrote the last time, Zemanta takes information from your posts and creates relevant links, tags and even embeds pertinent images.

With the newest release of Zemanta you can customize the sources of information by importing your Twitter stream, an OMPL file from your favorite RSS feed aggregator, MyBlogLog or a specific website.

So far, after setting up my Zemanta with these preferences, I haven’t noticed much of a change, however, I will keep a close eye to see how these changes affect my posts.

Some changes I would like to see would be multiple images, multiple image sizes, adding your own links as a suggestion (follow the Zemanta write up on self embedded links) and YouTube video/Google Maps embedding instead of just linking.

I would prefer to click a suggested link to select the source instead of hovering, on a laptop with a touch sensitive track pad, it can be a pain.  I have also noticed that I quite often the top two links are exactly the same and I miss the ability to add all the suggested links and tags.

Adding the social networking to Zemanta is a great idea and well implemented, so far as I can see.  I look forward to actually seeing my OMPL feeds show up as suggestions.

Overall Zemanta has increased my sites’ visibility and usability and I recommend it to everyone.

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