This is the New Facebook

Facebook is doing its best to blow the minds of developers and users today at their F8 conference. Of course, over the last few days, all they have really accomplished was upsetting their user base with dramatic and seemingly unnecessary changes to the Facebook user experience.

Today they unleashed the future of a Facebook profile. It looks slick, fun, interesting and very narcissistic. The new Facebook is the old Myspace.

Next is a screen capture of what an entire profile will look like. Continue reading

Phoebe’s Birthday

I’ve never known someone that could turn what would be an ordinary birthday into the multi-day even with the grace and poise of Phoebe (@fotofobe).  Twitter messages, text messages, Facebook events… It all built up to one hell of a birthday celebration.

From a night of drinking at McNally’s, to a fun birthday breakfast at Cafe Berlin (@cafeberlin) to managing to take advantage of every possible “free on your birthday” promotion to an amazing, FedEx’d cake from her mom.  What a fun birthday, even for those not turning a year older!
The highlights for me were the birthday breakfast at Cafe Berlin where they gave her a Birthday Bear pancake in leu of the usual Birthday Red Pepper and the cake her mom mailed to her.  Wow, it was delish!

I can’t wait for Phoebe’s next birthday celebration, I just might have to fly to wherever she is next year for the festivities.

What a fun birthday, even for those not turning a year older!

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Find Me, I’m All Over

I setup another website where you can go to find me on all the various social networks and blogs I call home.  Right now I’m somewhat to overly active on three blogs and twenty-seven social sites.  I try to update it regularly when I join another network and at this point I think I’ve hit my limit haha.

Right now you can find me on Twitter, twitpic, twitvid, friendfeed, flickr, tweetreel, facebook, digg, vimeo, myspace, twitres, YouTube, Linkedin, brightkite, USTREAM, posterou, loopts, hulu, tumblr, foursquare, PANDORA, Google Profile, Gowalla,, Google Reader, Yelp and  Click the image below and let’s get connected!  Leave a comment below if there’s one I missed, one I should join or if you’ve sent me a request so I can hurry over and add you!

Thanks friends!  You rock.

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