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I setup another website where you can go to find me on all the various social networks and blogs I call home.  Right now I’m somewhat to overly active on three blogs and twenty-seven social sites.  I try to update it regularly when I join another network and at this point I think I’ve hit my limit haha.

Right now you can find me on Twitter, twitpic, twitvid, friendfeed, flickr, tweetreel, facebook, digg, vimeo, myspace, twitres, YouTube, Linkedin, brightkite, USTREAM, posterou, loopts, hulu, tumblr, foursquare, PANDORA, Google Profile, Gowalla,, Google Reader, Yelp and  Click the image below and let’s get connected!  Leave a comment below if there’s one I missed, one I should join or if you’ve sent me a request so I can hurry over and add you!

Thanks friends!  You rock.

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PPP v4.0 Now Live

This post sponsored by PayPerPost

It’s been a while since I made a post with the explicit intent to make money from it.  Years ago, when I first looked into blogging for cash I was living in California, blogging two or more times a day.  I was getting a few hits here and there (a few hundred a day) and thought, why not make some money off this thing?

I scoured the Internet for a good pay-for-blogging service and the one that consistently bubbled to the top was

I wrote a few articles for PPP and quite honestly… I wasn’t so pleased with the system.

First off, and most importantly, I never got paid for my posts.  It seems that they could not get to my entries?  I provided the permalinks and was told that the offer had since expired.

The posts were all for nothing.

After that negative experience, I wrote PPP off and it wasn’t until this week that I looked back into them.  I got an email about their entirely new system and the invitation to check it out.

The new site, so called PayPerPost v4.0 is very “Web2.0” and bubbly.  They’ve got Twitter integration and some nice account management.  Plus, they offered me some cash to write a short review of their new service.

So let’s consider this a test.  If this works out, maybe I’ll get back to blogging for fun and cash.  Lord knows I need to be more active here, it’s pretty remarkable that my readership hasn’t dropped off…

And with that, check out PayPerPost v4.0 for yourself. In this economy (oh how I have learned to hate that phrase) we all could use a little more cash in our pockets.  It just might get my seal of approval.  Check back here to find out!

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All a Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter for a good while now but have been such a slacker in actually using it.  While in San Francisco I made a pledge to be more active on Twitter.

For those who don’t know what Twitter is, let me explain.

Twitter, in brief, is a social network based on instant messages to a public audience.  You “twit” when you are going to a movie, when you’re stuck at the DMV (as I have been twice in the past week) or when you want company for dinner.

As people discover your tweets, they have the option to follow you.  By following you, they will receive all of your updates to Twitter on their email, their phone, their IM or whatever other format they choose.
You can direct “tweets” at something by typing @ before the person’s name.  If I wanted to ask Nick Starr out to dinner, I might say, “@NickStarr want to get dinner at Sapporo?” and he could reply “@justex07 yeah, how about 8?”.

I could also put an open invitation for people to join me at a movie by simply twittering, “going to see the 10 o’clock showing of Wanted if anyone wants to join me”.  All of your followers will get the message and can reply to you if they plan on joining.

As you begin to acquire get a large number of followers, you essentially make it impossible to be lonely.  During South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin last year, people were Twittering about the best Bar-B-Que and ending up with over 40 people joining them at places like Stub’s for dinner!

Strangers uniting in a Web 2.0 world.  It’s something else.  It’s something great.

With the iPhone 3G coming out and all of the Twitter Apps expected in the iPhone 2.0 App Store, twitting on the go will just get easier and easier.

I am going to be researching good Twitter plugins so I can have my tweets streaming through this blog on the sidebar.  If you know of any good ones, please forward them to me through a comment on this post.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, my name is justex07 and you can find me on Twitter here.

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