I’m Nacho Friend!

This video was shared on Facebook by my friend Sam. It illustrates almost exactly what happens to me when I have a bit too much. One of my friend’s, named Aaron (I have fifteen), has a recording of such a moment. If it ever makes it to the Internet I’ll have 14 friends named Aaron. Of course if he illustrates it like this, fair game.

“Two Chips” / An Animated Short from Adam Patch on Vimeo.

Here’s what Gawker had to say about it.

Guy’s Drunk Wife Tells Him a Lame Joke; He Animates the Result

Remember the other day when you were saying how much you loved the sketch series “Drunk History” but that you wished how instead of history it was a corny joke about tortilla chips that Morgan Patch told her husband Adam while sauced off her ass on a bottle of wine, which he then turned into an animated short?

I wish I had his skills and her jokes. You’re welcome and Happy Friday!

I’m Giving an Ignite Talk!

I have become a huge believer in the idea of serendipity, the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for (link). Many of the opportunities I have been lucky enough to come across have come into my life seemingly out of nowhere. Though, when I start looking back, I can almost always find the root of the happy surprises.

Here’s a quick list off the top of my head: Continue reading

Red Giant Software Goes Viral with Plot Device

Ok so this is pretty awesome. The people at Red Giant Software created this video with the help of an indie film maker in an effort to push their sweet software package, Magic Bullet. A suite of software used to create and manage color styles in film/video.

I have wanted to own their software for a while now but it is a little out of my price range, even though, considering the competition, it isn’t so bad. Here’s the Mashable version of how this entire production went down.

With less than $10,000 in their pockets but armed with a great idea and serious filmmaking skills, the company enlisted the help of indie filmmaker Seth Worley to create “Plot Device,” a viral video that topped 540,000 views on Vimeo and YouTube in its first two weeks.

via Mashable

Part of the fun in this video can only be enjoyed by the serious film-goer. I love that sort of stuff. It’s what sets these sorts of videos apart from the crap that other agencies put out there claiming “this will go viral”. It has to be at least one of the following to go viral:

  • Hilarious, like lol, side splitting funny.
  • Disgusting, see Two Girls, one Cup, or don’t.
  • So amazingly produced that your mind is blown, you forget it’s an advert (check).
  • Smart. Not like Studio 60 smart (dare to dream) but at least Robert Reich smart.
  • So racist/homophobic/sexist/stupid/ignorant that we can all universally laugh at it.
  • Super emotional, think It Gets Better
  • Lowest common denominator, a kick in the balls, so to speak.

This video exhibited at least three of these traits.

This is pretty much the first time a YouTube video has me lusting over a piece of software. Lusting over it as if owning it would give me the incredible mad skills required to make a video like this.

Though the color effects wouldn’t be so bad would they? Now if they could make a version for Final Cut Pro X, and that doesn’t cost $799 to own the entire suite. Yikes. A steal to the serious video professional but a barrier to entry for video guys like me.

Zacuto Fast Draw Review

Big thanks to the people at Zacuto who were kind enough to loan me an entire D-SLR rig for review a few weeks ago. The timing and setup could not have been better. After a week with the Zacuto Fast Draw, I’m here to share my thoughts on their video D-SLR solution.

My work sent me to Florida to shoot video with a D-SLR and no assistant. Whatever system I chose would have to be incredibly nimble, flexible and comfortable. Originally I was looking at some products from Red Rock Micro to pair with a Nikon D7000 and Nikon 17-55mm f2.8 lens.

It was during a Twitter conversation with my friend Zack that I was pushed into the direction of Zacuto. I remembered Zack had a Zacuto system that he really enjoyed which provided a stable shoulder rig, follow-focus and viewfinder that made fine-tuning focus on shots much easier.

I had never had the opportunity to play with his rig but was in awe, nevertheless.

It wasn’t long after I first tweeted about the need for a good video D-SLR rig that I got a message from Zacuto inviting me to try out their stuff in return for a review. Obviously I took them up on the awesome offer.

Here’s a quick video introduction to some of Zacuto’s D-SLR solutions.

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Find Me, I’m All Over

I setup another website where you can go to find me on all the various social networks and blogs I call home.  Right now I’m somewhat to overly active on three blogs and twenty-seven social sites.  I try to update it regularly when I join another network and at this point I think I’ve hit my limit haha.

Right now you can find me on Twitter, twitpic, twitvid, friendfeed, flickr, tweetreel, facebook, digg, vimeo, myspace, twitres, YouTube, Linkedin, brightkite, USTREAM, posterou, loopts, hulu, tumblr, foursquare, PANDORA, Google Profile, Gowalla, BLIP.fm, Google Reader, Yelp and Last.fm.  Click the image below and let’s get connected!  Leave a comment below if there’s one I missed, one I should join or if you’ve sent me a request so I can hurry over and add you!

Thanks friends!  You rock.

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