Find Me, I’m All Over

I setup another website where you can go to find me on all the various social networks and blogs I call home.  Right now I’m somewhat to overly active on three blogs and twenty-seven social sites.  I try to update it regularly when I join another network and at this point I think I’ve hit my limit haha.

Right now you can find me on Twitter, twitpic, twitvid, friendfeed, flickr, tweetreel, facebook, digg, vimeo, myspace, twitres, YouTube, Linkedin, brightkite, USTREAM, posterou, loopts, hulu, tumblr, foursquare, PANDORA, Google Profile, Gowalla,, Google Reader, Yelp and  Click the image below and let’s get connected!  Leave a comment below if there’s one I missed, one I should join or if you’ve sent me a request so I can hurry over and add you!

Thanks friends!  You rock.

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Twitter API Bug?

Ever since @Jestertunes started messaging me on Twitter while in San Francisco for the 2008 Pride festivities, I’ve been addicted to the micro-blogging/social-networking behemoth.

It really took off when the iPhone apps for Twitter started popping up and even more so once a decent desktop application came to fruition in the form of Tweetdeck.

But recently I’ve been fucked over by the Twitter API limitations.  See, you are only allowed 100 pings to your Twitter account via third party applications such as Tweetdeck or Twitterriffic per hour.

Normally that’s OK for me.  I’d like more but 100 has been enough 95% of the time.

Every hour, on the hour, the API resets.  Except in the past week mine has not reset, which means I cannot update my Twitter, or view my friends’ updates.  Boo!  It also means my Brightkite to Twitter stream isn’t working.

Even with just a minute or two into the hour, I’ve exceeded my API limit.

I changed my password just to make sure there wasn’t another application through the internets hacking my account and loaded up Tweetdeck again.  Tweetdeck had my old password credentials but somehow updated all my replies and friends’ updates.  Doesn’t that require access to the Twitter API?

So I messaged @Twitter for their help and did my best to be light hearted.

Did I succeed?  I sure hope so.  I at least hope they can fix my account cause I’m dying getting all my friends’ updates via text message.  It’s making me crazy having my leg vibrate so much 😉

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