Counting the Seconds for my 3G iPad

Thanks to the University of Missouri Bookstore, I will have an iPad, one way or another. @MUBookstore has been kind enough to hold a 64GB WiFi iPad for me, should my 64GB 3G iPad not make it in before graduation but I’m still hopeful that my 3G order will make it!

So with no further adieu, the timer! (Worked for Opera on the iPhone! haha)

UPDATE: it only took 18 hours! I love my new iPad!

AT&T iPhone Wifi – Still Not Working

Not only does it not recognize that I’m on an iPhone and thus entitled to use their AT&T WiFi on my device, it won’t even let me log in with my AT&T Uverse credentials or my Starbucks Rewards username/password.  Grrr…

No iPhone Login? AT&T or T-Mobile?

Funny how when the signin fails for AT&T, it goes to T-Mobile Wireless.  Kind of funny but mostly annoying.  Oh well, at least Kaldi‘s internet works, goodbye Starbucks until you get your Internet woes figured out.

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Starbucks’ AT&T Shift Still Glitchy

I celebrated the day I got free internet access at Starbucks through the new contract with AT&T and my family’s AT&T Uverse subscription.  Secondly, I have access though my Starbucks Rewards card.

Sadly, the transition from T-Mobile to AT&T hasn’t been too smooth.

AT&T or T-Mobile

Today I logged in to my AT& account only to be logged into a T-Mobile account.  It doesn’t change the quality of my service but just goes to show that no one has their head in the game.

A few weeks ago when we were in Chicago, the entire AT&T WiFi network was down, for hours.  Randomly I cannot login to my account and a few friends of mine have never been able to access their two hour per day Starbucks Rewards internet.

Come on Starbucks, AT&T and T-Mobile, get your act together!  Furthermore, where’s my free iPhone internet AT&T?!  Hmph.

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