So Not Ok With That

I got up today around… 8 am for my 10am Sunday graphic design class. Got outta class at around 12:30 and did some stuff around the house before going to work.

It was a quiet night in the emergency room, nothing too big, a few gun shot wounds, a few car accidents but no fatalities and nothing too bad. A good night if I can say so.

Around 10:00 I had a few minutes of free time and decided to check my voicemail. I had two new messages. The first one from 8:25 from “Private Caller”, the second from my brother.

I listened to the first call and immediately put my co-worker on the line with me. It was just too creepy.


At first I was like… why the hell would one of my co-workers give out my number?! Then I got kinda weirded out. The caller was using a private number and Starbucks is pretty good about not giving out numbers. And on top of that, he never really says how he got it. All my friends know I have a boyfriend and would not give out my number…

Then I played it Ryan, my boyfriend of course, and he thought that maybe it was a joke… That’s when I really started wondering about it, who would do this? How could I figure this one out?

So I get home, it’s about 1:15 in the morning and flashing on my answering machine is a new message. I never get new voicemails at home, no one uses that line except Ryan and my family.

Here’s what was waiting for me.


I can handle one freaky voicemail in a day, but two? This one is from someone named George Steinmetz, hard to understand what he is saying exactly but goes along the lines of… “Did you get those pictures I sent you? I don’t want anything just wanted to see if you got them. They are of my mother, your grandmother.”

I’m so not ok with any of this, just so we all know.