Another Busy Week

Last week was pretty darn busy but this week… THIS week is going to be even busier.  But that’s ok, as long as I stay on track I should have no trouble getting my shit done and making some good grades.  So far nothing but perfect scores, though I am not positive what I got on my Photography project though I imagine I got an A though… haha

My next project is titled “Private”.  Last time it was “Public”.  For this upcoming project to I have been thinking something dark.  The setting, for all of it if I can, would be my bathroom.  It’s a pretty cool bathroom, all black and white so any color would really stick out.  Private moments, like…

  • Girl waiting for pregnancy test results
  • Suicide
  • Someone opening the door to the medicine cabinet full of RX’s
  • Someone with an eating disorder on a scale
  • Someone sick over the toilet
  • Someone crying

Those sorts of things… Any suggestions?

While you think on that, here’s the latest from

Time for bed. Yoga in the morning with Max.  Look forward to comments with suggestions!

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Quickie Update

Just a little update, more later.

  • Political Research paper proposal got highest possible grade
  • Photography critique went really well
  • Photography professor wants me to teach a 20-40 minute session on how I do my style of photography!
  • Moved the aquarium so that it does not sit directly over about $4000 in Nikon camera bodies/lenses good idea right?
  • Re-arranging things in the apartment, OCD is making me crazy!
  • Continuing to workout, no weight loss but can tell I’m building muscle
  • I have lots of class this weekend, 12.5 hours of it!
  • Got a free Chipotle burrito the other day with Micheal, then felt sick all day haha.  Oh well, tasty enough that it was worth it.
  • Geoffrey is coming into town, Hurray!  Can’t wait to see him.  He’ll be staying at my apartment and I’ll be retreating to the condo.
  • Carrie is coming into town!  I hope we can get some time to play with cameras 🙂
  • Still waiting to get that new Epson Printer… Waiting to see if they replace the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 for a 3880 or a 3900 (I want vivid magenta and roll paper!!!)

So that’s a quick blast update, kinda like Blogography’s Bullet Sunday 🙂


So I did a really quick mockup of what Private could look like.  Seriously, I popped off two shots and ran out so I could make it in time for dinner at Kaldi’s where I am now. 🙂  Love their veggie panini.

Anyways, here goes my thoughts for Private.


And fuck me running, I forgot to do one of the tub.  Grrr.  I’ll do that when I get home.  I think Ryan and I are going to raid a few public restrooms tonight, if we can handle the stormy weather.

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Photography Project

I’m supposed to be working on this big project for my photography class.  The basis of it is experimental lighting to enhance a photograph.  I have done some quick and dirty examples of how doing some simple changes to your lighting and camera setting, you can turn a shitty picture into a great picture.

The first example is using a high aperture (f-22) along with a super bright light (650 watt) to light a scene versus using an automatic setting on a camera such as my Nikon D80.  First the auto setting shot.

All and all, it isn’t such a bad picture.  The problems are getting true whites and true blacks as you can see in the shot coming below.

Obviously better whites and blacks here.  Also, I manually set the white balance as opposed to the camera deciding what was white.

This next set is much more obvious.  I took a picture of my mother’s Aggie class ring on a mirror, a blush compact mirror at that.  With this shot I compared again, a 650 watt tungsten Arri light with the built in flash on my camera.  I again modified the f-stop to 22 on my manual shot.

As you can see, the flash blew out the color of the gold and the lower f-stop picked up all the light hitting the mirror.  It’s a plain old gross picture.  However, let’s see what happens when we set the aperture to f-22, pound the thing with 650 watts of light.

I swear, it’s like magic.  The silver mirror turns to black and the gold, which was previously washed to a pale yellow, is now a deep, rich 14ct gold.  Look at that reflection!

These pictures are just the foundation of my project, showing how small changes in light can totally change a picture.  I intend to include emotive portraits and many other genres of photography in this series.  Here’s to hoping I can make it happen and make it something special, unique and captivating.

So Not Ok With That

I got up today around… 8 am for my 10am Sunday graphic design class. Got outta class at around 12:30 and did some stuff around the house before going to work.

It was a quiet night in the emergency room, nothing too big, a few gun shot wounds, a few car accidents but no fatalities and nothing too bad. A good night if I can say so.

Around 10:00 I had a few minutes of free time and decided to check my voicemail. I had two new messages. The first one from 8:25 from “Private Caller”, the second from my brother.

I listened to the first call and immediately put my co-worker on the line with me. It was just too creepy.


At first I was like… why the hell would one of my co-workers give out my number?! Then I got kinda weirded out. The caller was using a private number and Starbucks is pretty good about not giving out numbers. And on top of that, he never really says how he got it. All my friends know I have a boyfriend and would not give out my number…

Then I played it Ryan, my boyfriend of course, and he thought that maybe it was a joke… That’s when I really started wondering about it, who would do this? How could I figure this one out?

So I get home, it’s about 1:15 in the morning and flashing on my answering machine is a new message. I never get new voicemails at home, no one uses that line except Ryan and my family.

Here’s what was waiting for me.


I can handle one freaky voicemail in a day, but two? This one is from someone named George Steinmetz, hard to understand what he is saying exactly but goes along the lines of… “Did you get those pictures I sent you? I don’t want anything just wanted to see if you got them. They are of my mother, your grandmother.”

I’m so not ok with any of this, just so we all know.