Another Busy Week

Last week was pretty darn busy but this week… THIS week is going to be even busier.  But that’s ok, as long as I stay on track I should have no trouble getting my shit done and making some good grades.  So far nothing but perfect scores, though I am not positive what I got on my Photography project though I imagine I got an A though… haha

My next project is titled “Private”.  Last time it was “Public”.  For this upcoming project to I have been thinking something dark.  The setting, for all of it if I can, would be my bathroom.  It’s a pretty cool bathroom, all black and white so any color would really stick out.  Private moments, like…

  • Girl waiting for pregnancy test results
  • Suicide
  • Someone opening the door to the medicine cabinet full of RX’s
  • Someone with an eating disorder on a scale
  • Someone sick over the toilet
  • Someone crying

Those sorts of things… Any suggestions?

While you think on that, here’s the latest from

Time for bed. Yoga in the morning with Max.  Look forward to comments with suggestions!

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I Want

I want to: graduate from college

I want to think: for myself

I want to learn: French well enough to bring Ryan through France

I want to see: my kids (that don’t yet exist) grow up healthy and happy

I want to try: to be that guy that everyone knows they can rely on

I want to tell: my family just how much I love Ryan

I want to touch: myself

I want to smell: good, even after working out in the 104*F heat

I want to feel: comfortable in my own skin

I want to stop: wasting my time, mind and money

I want to let go of: the past

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Can You Guess?

It is not often that I take a picture of myself, but when you’re stuck in a car waiting for you dad to come down from his bazillionth story office, you get bored, and experiment.  So I ask you… What is new in this picture?


And one for the road.

UPDATE: Ok… so here’s another hint.  Maybe it isn’t what is seen in the picture but what is used to create them?  Think outside the bun box.

New Project?

I’m thinking about writing a book through a blog called Shit Magnet.  I seem to attract crappy things, vandalism, seizures, bad jobs, shitty roommates… Sometimes it just seems like the stories can’t be true but I swear, they are.  So what do you think?  Should I start a new site regarding these things and hopefully expand it into quite the humorous read?  I’d cross post onto this site and would go back in time to get old shitty things posted.


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Lighting Project

I’m supposed to be working on this lighting project for my photography class. Here are a few pics I took today using different techniques. Basically I used a really long shutter release and a handheld flash. Nothing spectacular but my first try at it.

I’ve the the crazy eyes in that pic… haha This next one I really like.

And this one just features a light box for soft light, my light “box” kinda sucks though, it is wrinkly. I’m gonna make my own that should work better.

Meanwhile, my computer is fritzing out on me. Check out my trash can.

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