The Farmers’ Market

It was just a few months ago as I walked through the Farmers’ Market with my Washington DC friends.  The sun was high in the sky this Sunday, just an hour before we would head to brunch.  One of my friends, Christina, was starting her site Christina’s Table.  Christina is one of these people that seem to be successful at everything.  She’s hilarious, knowledgeable, talented and a blast to hang out with.  Imagine Karen Walker with the vodka minus the pills (well, some).

Christina asked me to walk through the market and shoot some quick, candid, shots of the foods for her site.  Basically a whiz-bam stock photography shoot.

So here’s what we ended up with.  All said and done, this took less than 20 minutes.  That’s pretty impressive, to me at least!

I thought I’d share the photos, make everyone hungry. 😀
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