The New, Café Berlin

I’ve been in search of this mysterious new coffee shop Ryan (@kaleb1983) told me about a few weeks ago.  Here I thought I knew about every possible source of caffeine in The District!  It wasn’t until I drove past what should have been Café Berlin and later was perusing the Columbia Daily Tribune and local food blog Como Whine and Dine that I had my answer.

Café Berlin had moved downtown in what used to be a gas station, at 220 North Tenth Street.  Phoebe (@fotofobe) and I decided to give their breakfast a try, nerd out about photography and just have a generally relaxing brunch.

The inside is dramatically different.  Big, open and bright.  It’s also notably cleaner than the previous location…  Only about half of the space is being utilized right now, excluding the outdoor patio area which is clearly out of season.  I imagine even more of a hustle and bustle once the entire place is open and serving.

The fresh squeezed orange juice was ridiculously tasty.  As in… I paid $3.95 for a large one and felt I had ripped them off.  The rest of the meal was equally as scrumptious, the yolks of our locally gathered eggs were dark, rich and simply the best tasting we had ever had.  Their legendary pancakes continue the legendary status and the price, considering the quality of ingredients, well within reason.  Local ingredients are a big plus for me and knowing that my money is supporting a good place made paying that small premium worth it.

The new Café Berlin is definitely my new favorite breakfast spot for Columbia and I think it’s safe to say Phoebe would agree.

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One thought on “The New, Café Berlin

  1. YAY!!! I loved going to Berlin, my favorite breakfast in CoMo. Hopefully I’ll get to try the new one sometime…

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