Scouts – Blue Bird Festival

Went to the Scouts and Let Lions concert at Eastside Friday night.  Max was there and I met @cassiewowczuk from Twitter.  Had a great time, Scouts was awesome and the other bands weren’t too bad either.

Chase and Corey were wearing these bad ass tees they made for the night.

This kid was cute and the band was interesting, but apparently hard to work with.  Nothing more off putting than being divas, especially when you’re just from St. Louis…

Sounded like Hellogoodbye mixed with Radiohead (ish)

I believed we called the next band, My Chemical Douchbags.  For real… They were ok, good for radio play but they definitely were not the rock and roll they promised.  Of course, their outfits were hard to live up to… yikes.

One thought on “Scouts – Blue Bird Festival

  1. Hey man, loving that pic of my main man Jawnny. Thanks for the Bday wish, it was a blast out (black out/blast haha). I didn’t make it to Scouts, I was way too tired/hungover/out of it to make it. We need to go shoot soon. Hit me up man.

    – Tony

    Tony Tripolis last blog post…Where will you be tonight?!

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