Thrillist Drinks at The Brixton

A few weeks ago Aaron convinced me, with little effort, to purchase a Thrillist deal for The Brixton. In exchange for $38 we’d each get five beers, five cocktails and an appetizer. The drinks were pre-determined with an emphasis on world beers and cocktails but the appetizers would be of our choosing. An $84 value for only $38!

Ordinarily I wouldn’t travel to San Francisco’s Marina for drinks and appetizers but this deal, and the group of friends who joined in, made it worth the long 22-Fillmore bus ride.

Oh but there was a catch. To get your appetizer you had to drink all ten passport drinks. Never fear, we were up to the challenge. Shea, Kat, Aaron and I worked over two nights, with a little help from Oliver, to complete four Olympic Passports.  Continue reading

Eastbound and Down

May 29th I will be taking flight to the East Coast with a singular purpose, to see you New Yorkers. This jaunt will be followed by a trip down to visit my friends in Washington DC before heading back west June 6. It’s a short trip but I plan to fill it with oceans of fun.

I would love to see you all my New York City friends and my Washington DC friends on this trip. I think the easiest way for us to do that is to choose a night to all meet up for dinner, drinks and debauchery. There are only a couple of nights in New York City that this can happen but I will also be free during the day for coffees, lunches, museums, etc.

Take a look at that schedule and let me know when you’re free to hang out. Feel free to suggest things I should do, places I should eat and bars where I should have a drink. As far as New York City, I still have never seen a Broadway show, gasp, and have only been to a couple of museums. So if either of those whet your appetite, let’s make it happen! Looking forward to seeing you guys.

As far as my time in Washington DC, well I have a lot more of it. So let’s get creative about the time we share together in The District. I’m even tempted to add on a night in Philadelphia but with the tight schedule I have, that might not be possible.