I Almost Got Arrested

Well… I did get pulled over tonight, from within a parking lot because I was taking pictures.

Apparently, it is against the law to take pictures of anything, but especially what I was taking pictures of, at night.

Total bullshit. Wanna know what got me pulled over and my plates/license ran through the system?

I took this picture.

Yup. A picture of a bank at night. I wasn’t even zooming in on anything. Just a picture.

They told me to not take anymore pics, it was a warning that you cannot take pictures of buildings, especially banks, at night. Only, that isn’t a law and I have every right to take these pictures.

He was nice enough but this whole, “photography is a crime” thing is really getting old.

Excuse My Beauty

I’m not sure if this is a tranny train wreck or just one FEIRCE latino/a… Either way, hella funny.  Reminds me of a few people I bumped into when I lived in San Francisco.  I was once kicked off a corner, from where I was waiting for Seth to walk me to a party, by a tranny prostitute who thought I was trying to steal her business.  Yikes.  Compliment or pwnd?

[flv:Excuse_My_Beauty.flv 425 355]