iMac, Dead, Dying or… ZOMBIE!!!



If you were paying careful attention to my Twitter stream, you might have noticed a few to dozens of tweets about my iMac.  It’s had a rough year.  First it got bugs stuck in the screen…

And of course, there was the screen going bonkers, which was in no way connected to the bugs (it preceded the bugs)

This is the problem that no one seems to be able to solve.  Open any image in any photo editing program and make a marquee or crop selection.  A few seconds latter the screen goes crazy, this is a mild example.  Had I waited and taken a picture a few minutes later, the entire screen would have grown to look like the top of that image (which should be a picture or like a cup of coffee or something.)

The fact that taking a screen shot (using Skitch) picked up the problem is really interesting to me, seems like if it was outward delivering hardware issue (video card), it would show up wrong on the screen but correct on the screen shot.  An example would be when the video card of my MacBook Pro overheated

I ran my tests and everything was kosher.

So I brought the computer to MacXperts.  They have so far, over the past 5, yes FIVE, months, replaced the screen, the video card, the ram, the motherboard and the hard drive.  The computer has been reformatted more than two times and yet the problem continues.

It’s still at MacXperts…

And I actually JUST got a call saying they found the solution… wow. So Never asking what you think… of course they thought they had it figured out like four times already so… thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “iMac, Dead, Dying or… ZOMBIE!!!

  1. This is truly a serious issue. My honest oppinion is that this is simply a temperature error. Even thought they “said” they replaced almost every hardware component, doesn’t mean they accually did replace it with new parts. The previous graphics card must have had a serious damage (but still running). Had the same issue with newer Nvidia graphics card models. Downgraded to an older “silent” model and have my peace now (even thought CS4 isn’t running that well)

    And the thing with the bugs: They are just excited to have an apple computer experience 😉

    Wish ya luck with the replacement!
    .-= Portfoleo´s last blog ..portfoleo: It’s getting upwards slowly. I’ve got 2 job offers atm. Now it’s on me to decide which one to pick. Nxt job interview is on Monday. =-.

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