The 10 x 10 x 10 Home that Makes you Money

University of Hertfordshire professor of Cognitive Psychology, Dr. Mike Page, gives us a tour of the three cubic meters home. I’ve gotta say, I’m intrigued. I’d be willing to live in one of these home for a year to test it out.

The idea is that this house has a zero carbon footprint and is just big enough for one, or two, people to live in. In fact, over one year’s time, you can actually make around $1,600. Between no electric bill and the carbon credit, you can make around $250 a month. That brings your savings plus environmental benefits to nearly $3,000 a year!

I’m totally down for this. How about you? Has Quite the Package…

too bad they don’t know how to use it! Heyo! is known for many things. Great products at the best prices around, cutting-edge eReaders, stellar customer service and as of the last few years, environmentally friendly custom product packaging and shipping practices.

So imagine my surprise when UPS showed up at my house today with a big box from Amazon. A really big box. I thought to myself, what did I order? Four memory cards and a Samson Zoom H1 DAC, in two separate shipments.

Amazon Box Superfluously Overflowing

Too bad they don’t know how to use it!

All of the above products are known for their size. The secure digital card is the smallest professional quality memory card. They are about the size of a quarter. The Samson Zoom H1 is one of the smallest, high-end (yet very affordable) personal digital audio recorders on the market, about the size of a Snickers bar.

So, what did I forget that I had ordered from that needs a 10 x 10 x 21 inch box rated for 65lbs?

Transcend 4 x 8GB SDHD Cards

Four secure digital cards of course! Seriously I guess this is why they ask for commentary on how they are doing with their efforts for effective, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly shipping practices.

Check out package two, did do a better job?  Continue reading

Shaun Chapman at MobLogic.TV

Not only is this guy incrediby sexy (physically and intellectually), he has a great mission.  Check him out on

Seriously, he is gorgeous and I smell at least a little bit of homo in him hehe.  But for reals, visit his initiative, VoteSolar and let’s make some change.

The current state of energy in America and the world is just terrible.  There are really easy ways that we can do this and there is really no reason we haven’t already.  What happened to Americans leading the way through innovation and showing the rest of the world what we are made of.

Look what is happening with China, yeah, besides the Olympics.

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