Latest Gastronomic Adventures

I have family (my mom) in town right now which means eating food I typically wouldn’t. Since starting the Four Hour Body lifestyle, I have been eating really well and drinking very little. However, this all came to a pause when my mom came in town. It’s quite hard to stick to a diet when someone with great taste is in town, ready to try it all.

So here’s what I have been enjoying on my cheat week, well a few of the things.

From Willi’s Seafood & Raw Bar in Healdsburg:

Lobster Roll and Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini
Lobster Roll and Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini
Sweet and Spicy Calamari with Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini
Sweet and Spicy Calamari with Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini
Washington and California Oysters with Dirty Martini and Sidecar cocktails
Washington and California Oysters with Dirty Martini and Sidecar cocktails

From Absinthe Brassier and Bar in San Francisco (forgot to shoot the amazing onion soup):

Roasted Strawberry Panna Cotta with Baby Basil Meringue
Roasted Strawberry Panna Cotta with Baby Basil Meringue

Wish you were here, bet you do too!

The 10 x 10 x 10 Home that Makes you Money

University of Hertfordshire professor of Cognitive Psychology, Dr. Mike Page, gives us a tour of the three cubic meters home. I’ve gotta say, I’m intrigued. I’d be willing to live in one of these home for a year to test it out.

The idea is that this house has a zero carbon footprint and is just big enough for one, or two, people to live in. In fact, over one year’s time, you can actually make around $1,600. Between no electric bill and the carbon credit, you can make around $250 a month. That brings your savings plus environmental benefits to nearly $3,000 a year!

I’m totally down for this. How about you?

A Cake, a Movie, a Melon Baller

I’ve made some wonderful friends through Twitter and just a few weekends ago, I got to share one of these friendships with many of my old friends.

Ryan and Ben, (@rzhale and @joubiku, respectively on Twitter) came into town for a weekend away from the bustling city life that is Kansas City, ahem.  The weekend had been heavily anticipated for all involved for a few weeks and as the days closed in the anticipation grew to astronomical proportions.
I welcomed them to their new home for the weekend, my apartment and shortly after their arrival we headed down to Shakespeare’s Pizza (@ShakesPizza) for some dinner, drinks and a fun environment.

After pizza we stopped by Top Ten Wines for a few minutes before ultimately heading back to my apartment for wine, cookies and hours of hilarious YouTube videos. I don’t’ think Phoebe (@fotofobe), Josh (@brooding_soul), Ryan, Ben or I had ever laughed as hard in our lives. One of the most entertaining evenings in I’ve ever had.

Phoebe and I decided we should share our new addiction to Cafe Berlin (@CafeBerlin) to Josh, Ryan and Ben. Amazing breakfast, delicious food, fun, waitstaff and a comically difficult cream dispenser.

That evening was Cake and a Movie Night (#CaaM).  I made a Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and a bittersweet chocolate-peanut butter ganache.

Before Cake and a Movie, we headed out for wine drinking at Top Ten Wines downtown (@TopTenWines), my absolute favorite wine bar, where Chase (@clettenberg) performing.  Yet again, Chase put on a great show and as per usual, Lauren (@laurenkilberg) proved to be a fantastic wine maiden.

Cake and a Movie had a great turn out, some regulars and some new attendees.

My Ryan (@kaleb1983) finally got to join us for the weekend festivities.  We watched Toy Story, the Pixar film that put them on the map.  Wow, who would have known how funny that movie would be, over ten years later.  I sure wasn’t expecting all the laughs.

The next morning, Ryan, Ben, Ryan and I went to Bleu for a brunch before Ben and Ryan had to head out of town.

Cleaning House

Seems I spent most of today organizing my apartment to where it was when the semester started.  I like to live in as clean a place as possible but with the holiday travels, a hectic school and work schedule and just life happening, my place had began a slow decline in cleanliness.  Martha would have been disappointed.  Plus I have two really special guests visiting this weekend as well as a Cake and a Movie night!

So I took to cleaning it up today including hanging some new pictures, installing new light bulbs (haha), installing new shelves, organizing what’s left of my wine collection and the regular dusting/vacuuming I do on a regular basis.

Here’s how it ended up!

Click to enlarge

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Reluctantly Home

I finally got home from the Kansas City airport.  It took four hours but I made it!

And of course I had to take a picture.  Note, this is not my home, just an apartment near me.

Now time to get back to reality and revise a paper that is due tomorrow during the final for the same class.

Oh, but don’t forget to check out my photoblog for quite a few new pics from San Francisco and even one new one from tonight!

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New Furniture Day

Today was incredibly busy.

We got my new couch and two new chairs, my dresser, my new mattress set, and my new vintage rug, my new…  It was quite the busy day.

Not only did we have to get all of this, we had to load it, unload it, carry it up three flights of stairs and set it up.  Tomorrow we will be hanging artwork and figuring out how I will setup my photography showcase wall.  Plus we will move out some old furniture and maybe even paint my foyer.

How exciting?!  This is just one of the many reasons I love having family in town haha.

After all of that work we watched, The Other Boleyn Girl which was a fantastic, if not a somewhat upsetting movie.

The British of that time were all sorts of messed up.  I suppose though, we were all kind of crazy back then.  We had to be, why else would we fuck our family?

Natalie Portman is such an incredible actress, I just love her.

Plus, tomorrow is my birthday.  So, do what you must 😉

Night friends, enjoying my first night on the new bed, if only Ryan were here to join me… 🙁

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