Which is it?

I was a beta tester for FileMaker’s Bento software, one of 250,000.  To thank us for our efforts (cough) they are allowing me to enter a competition (drawing) to win something.

The email says a 16gb iPod touch (sweet)!

The survey says “Prize to be determined” and the end of the survey says a 16gb iPod touch.

Meh, I entered anyway.  I’d love that touch though, make it so.

Calibrize Isn’t So Dumbassy

I was a little to hard on the Calibrize people… I admit it.  I guess it’s the moodswings I’m getting these days 😉

The creator of the software was kind enough to make a comment regarding why there are macs on the website when the software doesn’t work on a Mac, unless you run Windows on the Mac using Bootcamp or some similar software.

By Igor on Feb 22, 2008

I’m the idiot who came up with that software so I guess I should explain.
The pictures is what we have. We use Macs. However, most of our customers use Windows and are therefor missing out on the built in calibration utility that Apple ships with its computers. We simply made a (more or less) similar utility for Windows to at least get our customers in the right color ballpark.
Obviously, because there is no use for Calibrize on Mac, we never bothered to develop it.

So, anyways, they make a great piece of software that is free for those poor unfortunate souls who are stuck running Windows.

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Aperture 2 Released, Invalid?

Apple sent me a serial for the new Aperture 2 software which was released today.  I was pretty excited about installing it and getting to play around with the new goodies.  iPhoto seems to crap out on me around 20gb.  Right now I’m at about 40gb and, it’s just not panning out so well.  I guess it isn’t really iPhoto’s fault, it just wasn’t made to handle 4mb pictures, especially thousands of them.

So, Aperture fills the gap that iPhoto leaves.  They supposedly integrate but I have never been able to get my iPhoto to talk to the previous version of Aperture.  I was hoping I could use this new version but… Here’s what I get when I copy and past my serial.

Ugh.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to pick up a copy in the store instead.

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I’m going to try using this new program, well new to me, called Qumana to post to my blog.  Unfortunately, the program puts this little tag, a signature if you will, at the bottom of all my posts.  I will leave it on this entry so you can see what I’m talking about but I really don’t like it!

This does do a very nice job of wordpressing though.  Online my site lags a little as I type and move images around etc.  It also has spell check, not that I need it… haha

Anyways, I gotta go to the condo, that’s where Ryan and I live.  I still have my apartment but we use it less and less it seems.  So sad because the place is gorgeous! Seriously though, I really do love my apartment, I wish we could live here… and there, but it just wears us out too much.  We need to find a way to merge the two into one place… hmmm

The ER tonight was more than busy.  Busy is an understatement.  We had over twenty people in the waiting room and more checking in the entire time I worked.  It was the busiest night I have yet worked.  What was in the air today?

In other news, Panic! At the Disco has a new CD coming out in March.  Not sure what that mean to me exactly.  Of course, the teenybopper part of me (aside, teenybopper is spelled correctly according to Qumana, who knew that was even a real word!) will be getting that CD the day it comes out, who knows, I might even pre-order.

In other news, you know your door/lock/intercom is too old when a locksmith walks by and leaves his business card.

That picture comes from our (Ryan and I) trip to New York.  Which reminds me… I miss New York!

First picture I used a Flickr (wow, it even knows how to spell Flickr!) link to post and the second I used Qumana to upload and post… Impressive!  Might never need to go to my wordpress admin page again!

Both pictures were taken with my iPhone… as we ran around the city from Apple store to Apple store trying to keep it charged!  It went two days of SOLID use before dying when we got home.  Incredible.

Ok, I’m out like gout.  Catch you guys on the flip-side.

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I’m Back!

It’s been a rough and busy couple of months for me with a few big projects in my classes, changing jobs and adjusting to a new, wonderful life with Ryan.

I have a whole bunch of stuff to tell you guys, recaps of such events as my first Thanksgiving where the family came to me, my parents meeting Ryan and all the just STUFF going on.

I’m trying out a new program called MarsEdit for my blogging. It works in conjunction with WordPress, and almost any other blogging system, on your local machine.

Oh, and I finally got my iPhone!